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I've learned it's all fucking emails in the professional world. The well-known Greek Philosopher Aristotle defined politics as the “Queen of the Sciences". Hillary Rodham Clinton is a prominent US political figure who has filled multiple roles including presidential nominee, former US Secretary of State, former … To help you get started, Monster put together a list of the best political science … Very smart people. He worked there for a few years before realizing he didn't like the industry (crazy, right?). Political science and politics can be confused as they deal with very similar subjects. I'm in a bit of a predicament. Write Good. I want to do what you do! If someone desires to become an aid to a lawmaker or to proceed towards earning a Ph.D. in political science, then this is also the … Interesting same situation here -Computer Science.Luckly I transfered to a internship program at a university 10x bigger in my City where placement rate is 99% starting in Fall(even though I have done 98% degree at my previous university; so the idea is do a semester or 2 of internship within the year and then finish my 2-3 course at the previous university). I can't imagine walking out of a company like that. I have interviewed for jobs in the 65-70k range before landing my current gig. Unfortunately, political science is completely out of vogue and nobody is really interested in critical analysis US foreign policy in the middle east, so I am doing research and learning a hell of a lot about things nobody wants to hear. You should apply to smaller companies and are willing to relocate, because that's where all the jobs are. http://www.reddit.com/r/nonprofit/comments/20ew9m/redditors_who_work_in_the_nonprofit_sphere_what/cg2kgy9, I recommend working in Development/Advancement/Membership rather than specialized program things...mostly because it's easier to find jobs in Advancement than whatever niche esoteric thing the org might be doing. So the fact that I have a degree in political science specifically is rather useless I suppose. What blogs are these? To know where to go, we need to understand the various paths forward. And sorry, I'm not going to proof this..aloha, [–]sts816 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (1 child). All other types of content, including videos, must be submitted as a text post. My sister-in-law graduated with a PoliSci degree. [–][deleted] 4 points5 points6 points 6 years ago (0 children). You can always major in one and then minor in the other. These are inextricably linked. Recently started working as an internal auditor in the medical field. To be fair, I was planning on going to law school and decided against it. A social science major is someone who has completed a bachelor's degree with a primary focus on studying social science subjects, which include political science, history and sociology. The term politics refer to the state of affairs of a … Write clearly and coherently. [–][deleted] 10 points11 points12 points 6 years ago (0 children). Unlike "finance," which makes you employable but isn't exactly intellectually stimulating. Please keep discussions civil. I've looked for work related to my field and have come across exactly one job locally. It’s one of those degree fields people often study in preparation for law school (though studying law in law school is nothing like studying either history or political science as an undergrad) or with the intent of going “all the way”, if you will, aspiring to work in academia. I worked retail and didn't volunteer or join clubs and came out with nothing to show for myself except the degree. While political science programs tend … Trinity's History and Political Science course combines the strength of a broad-based education in the first two years with the freedom to explore areas of particular interest to individual students in the final two years. But I'd also love to do history. The overwhelming majority of Political Science majors at my school seem to basically be pre-law students. I would enjoy Political science I'm sure. When I hire someone even for a data entry job I want to know they have good writing skills and can communicate effectively because with a small staff it's all hands on deck. I eventually befriended the right people (thanks to my affinity for sports and microbrew) and my mentors are singlehandedly the reason I'm where I'm at today - moved into construction project management, and have a clear path to director 2 years out of college. Not a PoliSci major, but one of my best friends graduated in 2008 with a Political Science degree and landed a job in LA with ESPN. I was in sales immediately after graduating and now in project management. On the other hand, jobs like mine (healthcare construction management) are more secure because of that reason - hospitals are run by people that don't know jack shit about construction, and they are always building to stay competitive in a fierce healthcare market. We will be lenient, as long as the post is somewhat related to /r/jobs ( The core mission of /r/jobs is for "How to get a Job" or "How to quit a job" ) , we will allow it as long as it follows all other rules. I spent two years doing political science where we studied past elections and presidents and how they got elected. To become a reporter or journalist, having a degree in political science will be sufficient, depending on the employer. No internships. I'd want something a little more established. So there's always meetings about meetings and constant design changes. How did you like the experience? It's how money is raised. After graduation, most of my experience was in computers and I found a job immediately in the IT field. [–]Jkid 6 points7 points8 points 6 years ago (7 children).

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