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In the 1st case, the decision just pops-up in a discussion and someone needs to document it somewhere anyway, so there’s a constant “context switching cost”. Owner. Decision Log – Decision list that came out of a meeting. Statuspage. Assignee is set to a user who triggered the event, so the commenter. Jira Core. Trello. It’s already used by all of our team and we spend a lot of time in this app. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/1","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/26046003-6c7e-4c71-884a-ea85e40da089.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/f1cc067e-7d21-46e4-af98-440f5fb615c9.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":1840,"height":767},"highlight":false,"carouselImage":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/1","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/32c727bf-3cb0-45a8-b6ce-9065ef50621a","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"}],"width":920,"height":383}},{"name":"On the Team tab, the Lead, Participants, and Stakeholders are identified. Given the fragile nature of human mind forgeting is inevitable if you don’t take notes. Ship captains have been using them for centuries. READ MORE on … Decisions for Jira builds the knowledge base for you just by using it. You’ve just made a huge step toward keeping your whole company up to date with the decisions that are made. So when a new task (not subtask) with empty description is created in the Decision Log project, it’s filled with the following sections: Then, there’s a section titled “Fill after observing actual consequences”: An automation rule for this process is simple: The rule will be triggered anytime an issue is created. Fill the Description field with a template IF it’s empty when the issue (task) is created. Let’s break it down step by step. I used a Kanban project without a backlog. Jira, while being a powerful tool, is known for its ridiculously complex interface, horrible performance (especially the cloud version which we use) and absurd UX shortages. "},"compatibilities":[{"min":{"version":"7.0.0","buildNumber":70107},"applicationName":"Jira","max":{"version":"8.3.5","buildNumber":803006},"cloud":false}],"screenshots":[{"name":"Based on a methodology originally created at Carnegie Mellon University for the Department of Defense, Decisions for Jira follows the Decision Analysis and Resolution practice area of CMMI. Click on the Reports icon on the … Please be aware that Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) is available on all Jira instances; Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) is available for … We forgot to check if the stuff we did actually worked. The problem was… we never experienced a decision log that actually WORKEDD the way it was intended to work. Issue-Action-Decision Log Template Process. Creating personalized feeds is also impossible in Miro, so everyone would need to load ALL decisions every time. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/1","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/26046003-6c7e-4c71-884a-ea85e40da089.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/f1cc067e-7d21-46e4-af98-440f5fb615c9.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":1840,"height":767},"highlight":false,"carouselImage":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/1","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/32c727bf-3cb0-45a8-b6ce-9065ef50621a","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"}],"width":920,"height":383}},{"name":"On the Team tab, the Lead, Participants, and Stakeholders are identified. And long-term management of issues on Slack is impossible. Purchase the app at the non-legacy Unlimited (10000+ users) tier. The template is our comprehensive framework for documenting desicions. Prioritize your Jira backlog. I still run a Server instance for Jira and Confluence in my home lab to support this blog. Until then, happy logging and congratulations on the length of your attention span! The second condition checks if the assignee field is empty. What’s the natural place to document decisions when discussing an issue? The project is fairly simple. . In this case I decided I only want to trigger the rule on issue creation. The most important factors for me to even consider Jira were: “But wait!”, you might say. In both cases the next step is an Action — Edit issue fields and I use the “advanced”, programmatic interface of the “Additional fields”. Then, there’s a condition, an If/Else Block that checks if there’s only 1 hashtag or more. Only apps meeting a set of performance requirements for large, clustered environments are approved for Data Center. Create the Decision Log project with a workflow that resembles the decision’s lifecycle. Then it transitions all decisions due for evaluation to the “Evaluate” columns. You’ll see in the next section, “Rule to convert comments into decisions”. Playing around with the plugin gave some idea of its capabilities, and soon I had a vision in my head. That’s it, done! Push to Jira. Status. For Jira 7.0 or later, the app tier should match the maximum tier of the licensed Jira products on your instance. And one of my favorite Todoist features is quick add, which allows to set a due dates, a project and labels by typing. I started on Server because, for the longest time, that was our only deployment model. Based on a methodology originally created at Carnegie Mellon University for the Department of Defense, Decisions for Jira follows the Decision Analysis and Resolution practice area of CMMI. However, I understand that you might not be interested in everything or you may want to come back to specific sections at different times with different needs. Since JIRA tracks all the tasks, the sub-tasks or even a work as an Issue, there are several types of Issues to identify the work and categorize the similar issues. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/4","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/b971cf92-727a-4924-9d78-f3495d780e07.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/06ce2952-4ef3-4411-96a0-ae92c3e669d5.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":1152,"height":900},"highlight":false,"carouselImage":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/4","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/1595fc77-ad9f-4501-ac7b-ec4017229e7c","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"}],"width":576,"height":450}},{"name":"On the Methods tab, multiple choices can be selected. Miro was out of the game. You've got a best-in-class issue tracker, but that's only the beginning. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/6","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/f567f076-2e84-408f-9c41-8c6e1bda0944.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/f6f6e448-e5ae-4b73-98d9-ac89f0169f99.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":1255,"height":900},"highlight":false,"carouselImage":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/6","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/c68f28c6-6317-4e4c-a6a7-cf1cb7c1f9d1","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"}],"width":627,"height":450}}],"releasedBy":"Richard Lea","license":{"links":[],"id":"commercial","name":"Commercial"},"version":"1.0.0-783","links":[{"href":"https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira?tab=reviews","rel":"reviews","type":"text/html"},{"href":"http://support.agileprocessintegration.com","rel":"issue-tracker"},{"href":"http://support.agileprocessintegration.com","rel":"support-ticket-system"},{"href":"http://privacy.agileprocessintegration.com","rel":"privacy"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/pricing","rel":"pricing","type":"application/json"},{"href":"https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira?tab=pricing","rel":"pricing","type":"text/html"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/pricing?all=true","rel":"full-pricing"},{"href":"https://www.atlassian.com/purchase/addon/llc.api.decisions-for-jira","rel":"buy"},{"href":"https://my.atlassian.com/addon/try/llc.api.decisions-for-jira","rel":"try"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/build-number/100000000","rel":"self"},{"href":"/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira/version-history#b100000000","rel":"alternate"},{"href":"https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira?tab=support","rel":"support"},{"href":"https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira/version-history","rel":"version-history"},{"href":"http://d4j-eula.api.llc","rel":"eula"},{"href":"http://d4j-docs.api.llc","rel":"documentation"},{"href":"http://privacy.api.llc","rel":"license"},{"href":"https://marketplace.atlassian.com/download/apps/1221702/version/100000000","rel":"binary"}],"status":"Public","marketplaceAgreementAccepted":false,"pluginSystemVersion":"Two","instructions":[],"autoUpdateAllowed":false,"compatibleApplications":[{"hostingSupport":{"cloud":true,"server":true,"dataCenter":true},"name":"Jira","introduction":"Nice one! The last rule I want to talk about is just a simple reminder for decision-makers that a decision needs to be evaluated. Confluence decision log vs. Jira task . Confluence . Or, teams can link a Decision to other Jira issues that are dependent on a decision being made. It’s already challenging to onboard new hires into the ecosystem. If happen to use the same solution — please, leave a comment. Learn more about community and open source licenses. Encourage and allow evaluating decisions. When you edit an issue, it’s just easier to simply edit the Labels directly. Tasks are a form of structured content so it’s easy to use it for statistics or aggregate it in a feed or something. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by this app's vendor. Customers have installed this app in at least 3 active instances. Use the #HASHTAG labels to create personalized dashboard widgets with decision from the areas people are interested in. Yeah, it was also kind of unexpected for me. “Didn’t you just listed a few criteria that Jira absolutely misses? With all these rules, it’ll be easy to create decisions from many contexts — Slack (using /jira extension), Todoist (using Zapier) or even via e-mail! Being responsible for making the decision log happen I thought, “what would the perfect decision log be like?” and came up with the following criteria. Visual and spatial nature of Miro makes the first load too slow. Some of use didn’t know that others did stuff. Close campaign and apply decisions When all accounts are assessed, the administrator can close the assessment campaign. As of 4.1 and later, the logs are located in JIRA's configured home directory. . ","addOnType":"Plugins 2"},"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira","rel":"self"},{"href":"/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira","rel":"alternate"},{"href":"/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/history","rel":"history"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/reviews","rel":"reviews","type":"application/json"},{"href":"/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira/version-history","rel":"versions"},{"href":"https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira?tab=reviews","rel":"reviews","type":"text/html"},{"href":"http://support.agileprocessintegration.com","rel":"issue-tracker"},{"href":"http://support.agileprocessintegration.com","rel":"support-ticket-system"},{"href":"http://privacy.agileprocessintegration.com","rel":"privacy"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/similar","rel":"similar-recommendations"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/similar","rel":"morelikethis-recommendations"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/notifications/llc.api.decisions-for-jira","rel":"marketplace-notification"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/reviews","rel":"marketplace-review"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/pricing","rel":"pricing","type":"application/json"},{"href":"https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira?tab=pricing","rel":"pricing","type":"text/html"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/pricing?all=true","rel":"full-pricing"},{"href":"https://www.atlassian.com/purchase/addon/llc.api.decisions-for-jira","rel":"buy"},{"href":"https://my.atlassian.com/addon/try/llc.api.decisions-for-jira","rel":"try"}],"reviewSummary":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/reviews","rel":"self"},{"href":"/apps/1221702/decisions-for-jira?tab=reviews","rel":"alternate"}],"averageStars":0.0,"count":0},"approval":{"status":"Public"},"pluginKey":"llc.api.decisions-for-jira","isOldVersion":false,"activeInstalls":{"downloadCount":58,"totalInstalls":3,"totalUsers":1988,"bundled":false,"bundledOnDemand":false},"reviews":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/reviews?limit=5","rel":"self"}],"reviews":[],"numReviews":0},"categories":[{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins?category=Project+management","rel":"self"},{"href":"/search?category=Project+management","rel":"alternate"}],"name":"Project management"}],"creationDate":"2019-12-12T03:17:12.761Z","media":{"icons":{"default":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/logo","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/682a203a-61bd-4456-be70-755f7e5d738c.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/c225c447-5574-4ee5-b0be-4077397a93f8.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/12eb3acb-f930-45bf-8584-7c58306fcf39.png","rel":"high-res","type":"image/png"}],"width":72,"height":71},"tiny":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/icon","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/436df849-3b53-4598-b10a-39c2762f43b8.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/c225c447-5574-4ee5-b0be-4077397a93f8.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/088da5f0-0a19-46d9-b815-880eb50af7ae.png","rel":"high-res","type":"image/png"}],"width":16,"height":15}},"screenshots":[{"name":"The Decision issue type can be applied to individual projects. Now all your … First, we need to extract only the first line of the comment. Of couse not. An Issue is classified as follows − Sub-Task − This is the sub-task of an issue. However, the point-and-click interface not only makes it easier for me to create rules, but also allows others to create their own! I don’t need to switch between apps, don’t need to click anything, just use a keyboard shortcut, write something, hit enter and it’s done. My solution is rather naive (just check if the first # character is at the same place as the last # character), but the number of available functions was limited. Git code management. Teams can add a Decision to a sprint or work cycle. ","pluginCount":7363,"key":"jira","links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/applications/jira","rel":"self"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/applications/jira/latest","rel":"latest-version"},{"href":"/addons/app/jira","rel":"alternate"},{"href":"/addons/app/jira","rel":"featured-plugins"},{"href":"/addons/app/jira/trending","rel":"most-popular-plugins"},{"href":"/search?product=jira&hosting=cloud","rel":"ondemand-plugins"}],"atlassianConnectSupport":{"cloud":true,"server":false,"dataCenter":false},"order":0,"status":{"key":"Published","value":"Published"}}],"stable":true,"buildNumber":100000000,"summary":"Initial release. That said, I feel like we’re the closest to the optimal workflow we’ve ever been. Create a decision page. Yet, the Atlassian platform has since changed its greatly improved its inference. Because of this, the team leader has to make smart decisions about who should tackle what and when. Let me give you an … So without a further ado, let’s have a look at the rule that converts comments into decisions: It doesn’t seem complicated but the devil’s in the details. When we create a decision - it doesn't show up in the Decision Log. It felt great to evaluate my first decision after 3 months and really reflect on it. Does it magically make everyone happy? atlassian-jira.log the application server log file, as it can contain useful error information that is not in atlassian-jira.log In JIRA 4.0 and 4.0.1, the atlassian-jira.log is located in the current working directory (the directory JIRA was started from). Team Calendars. This ranges from decisions about whether to move a developer to another task, to buying a certain kind of computer. No bottle-necks and restricted access. We also want to use the "meeting notes" and "decision log". Code, Build, & Ship. Analyze comments to all issues in Jira, so when someone adds a comment that starts with “Decision: “, it’s automatically converted to a issue in the Decision Log. The question begs an answer — is this the Holy Grail? Last, we need to trim the summary from unnecessary whitespaces and shorten it to 255 characters (limit for the Summary field in general). The last thing, a cherry-on-top is the weekly newsletter that everyone from our company receives. Still, it wouldn’t (and wasn’t) the best tool for the job. But after some time a decision log would be reeeally slow to load and, I assume, would stop being used. READ MORE on community.atlassian.com. Confluence decision log vs. Jira task. You can upgrade the tier of your Atlassian product and app licenses at any time. It’s great for tracking stuff over long time. Learn more about Data Center approved apps. For us though, its accuracy was enough — every 1 in 10 decisions is sent twice, which is not a big problem for now. Love it or hate it. Renew your Jira or Confluence license at a non-legacy tier, then purchase the app at the same tier. Community and open-source licenses are available for server apps. So, how to create a rule that extracts hashtags from an issue summary and converts them into Labels? Well, yeah. Jira Align. So let’s see — which criteria are met by our existing set of tools? For multiple Labels, the “Additional fields” content looks like this: The last step is to remove the hashtags from the summary. Epic − A big user … When prompted to create your account you will be asked to enter a name i.e., your company name, which you will use to log in the next time. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/3","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/18c14ae8-e51c-4ed4-8155-aabab45023a8.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/d8efd028-4ab3-4ea0-b740-0b3d4e0fa180.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":1001,"height":900},"highlight":false,"carouselImage":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/3","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/4dfb0b65-6c56-4393-bfb5-43f20406896e","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"}],"width":500,"height":450}},{"name":"On the Choices tab, the current state and alternatives can be recorded. Get the high-level details you need to set up your Confluence Cloud site in order to meet your team's needs. Atlassian Jira Project Management Software (v8.3.4#803005-sha1:1f96e09) About Jira; Report a problem; Powered by a free Atlassian Jira open source license for Apache Software Foundation. Full evaluation is due in 3–4 months. You can just copy it, but remember to translate the “Decyzja: ” keywords. Leverage your organization’s decision-making experiences to steer clear of future mistakes and continue to benefit from what works. This image shows a fully fleshed-out idea that your dev team will think is simply dreamy! When the template is used, automatically assign the issues’ creators so that they remember they need to fill it. Atlassian is excited to introduce Jira Service Management, the next generation of Jira Service Desk. Modern incident response. And what’s the point of extracting them from Summary? However, for us the tool meant additional $5/user/mo., as it would be a new tool. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/6","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/f567f076-2e84-408f-9c41-8c6e1bda0944.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/f6f6e448-e5ae-4b73-98d9-ac89f0169f99.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":1255,"height":900},"highlight":false,"carouselImage":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/6","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/c68f28c6-6317-4e4c-a6a7-cf1cb7c1f9d1","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"}],"width":627,"height":450}}]},"vendor":{"name":"Agile Process Integration, LLC","email":"sales@agileprocessintegration.com","links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/vendors/1217168","rel":"self"},{"href":"/vendors/1217168/agile-process-integration-llc","rel":"alternate"},{"href":"https://www.agileprocessintegration.com","rel":"homepage"}],"id":1217168,"verified":false},"compatibleApplications":[{"hostingSupport":{"cloud":true,"server":true,"dataCenter":true},"name":"Jira","introduction":"Nice one! Key decisions log. Unfortunatelly with a great flexibility come great limitations. When the new decision is created, the plugin can comment back on the original issue and link the two issues. Enterprise agile planning. Create and organize work in Confluence Cloud. Ok, that’s it for the introduction. The solution still isn’t perfect. But one thing I am currently struggeling with is to differeate between when to create a decission in the decision log and when to create Jira tasks. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/5","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/f22d737e-3446-4752-8a8b-6c9797c02d56.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/c75c3c32-5e29-4f5f-ab04-97734420f044.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":1001,"height":900},"highlight":false,"carouselImage":{"links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/plugins/llc.api.decisions-for-jira/version/100000000/screenshots/5","rel":"self"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/53b799a1-e780-4576-a30c-09737c923fc8","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"}],"width":500,"height":450}},{"name":"Best practices documentation provided to help you move your team through the process. Some tools looked promising and inspired me with great ideas. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/e92f2f05-3d29-4aef-85e7-91725c3d0b20.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/1b100a65-bfb9-448c-9522-f790b4d4cf90.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":716,"height":450},"highlight":true},{"name":"The Decision issue type can be applied to individual projects. We think about introducing the new ones. The Holy Grail is a myth and so is every tool that is supposed to solve all problems of human nature. Nov 9, 2017. Bug − A problem that impairs or prevents the functions of the product. It also helps to analyze the resource utilization as well. Even if fewer users want to use the app than your Jira license, the two licenses should match exactly. Also, the content of a Google Doc is completely unstructured, so it would be hard to integrate it with other tools or look for usage statistics. There’s a problem of availability, problem of consistency, problem of quantity… that’s why for me finding a good tool for a decision log seemed like a search for the Holy Grail. There I just chose to edit Description field and provided the content as seen on the screenshot above. Have a system to track status of a decision process and notify about it. There’s a lot to unpack so let’s start with the obvious: The tricky parts are the Summary and Description fields. I assumed it‘ll be possible to: The vision was so exciting! Your team went JIRA. Whenever a decision is transitioned to the “Made” column/status — its due date is set to 3 months in the future. Leaders: Genghis Khan Will Help You Get Ahead in Life and Business, You’re Not Managing a Team of Software Engineers, You’re Managing a Team of Writers. Add-ons are ready to help make JIRA the best project tracker you've ever used. ","pluginCount":7363,"key":"jira","links":[{"href":"/rest/1.0/applications/jira","rel":"self"},{"href":"/rest/1.0/applications/jira/latest","rel":"latest-version"},{"href":"/addons/app/jira","rel":"alternate"},{"href":"/addons/app/jira","rel":"featured-plugins"},{"href":"/addons/app/jira/trending","rel":"most-popular-plugins"},{"href":"/search?product=jira&hosting=cloud","rel":"ondemand-plugins"}],"atlassianConnectSupport":{"cloud":true,"server":false,"dataCenter":false},"order":0,"status":{"key":"Published","value":"Published"}}],"summary":"Decisions for Jira helps teams make better decisions using a structured evaluation process that interacts with their backlog. Or, teams can link a Decision to other Jira issues that are dependent on a decision being made. Essential business management. Easybi Reports and Charts for JIRA: creates reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets. Just imagine — you discuss an issue (in a meeting or online), you come to a conclusion and now you need to change a project, create a task, link the decision to the original issue and leave a comment so everyone knows the decision was documented. We are currently establishing confluence and jira in our company. I stumbled upon Automation for Jira and my project management life changed forever. The Decisions blueprint helps you make decisions and record the outcomes with your team. To access reports in JIRA, the user should go to Project → choose Specific project. . Now, let me walk you through the ready solution, something you’re probably waiting for! Because it allows me to document things without changing a context. You can set up one for your company by creating a new filter with a custom subscription. We finally experienced problems every company just has to experience: Decisions were made on meetings, some were noted in documents, some in the comments, some dicsussed on Slack… Impossible to track. There are no reviews yet. ","image":{"links":[{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/e5aa8faf-86ac-4a91-b5ef-9393d9d7fb70.png","rel":"binary","type":"image/png"},{"href":"https://marketplace-cdn.atlassian.com/files/images/77330ecd-b410-464c-a8d7-bd252485e59d.png","rel":"original","type":"image/png"}],"width":506,"height":450},"highlight":true},{"name":"Let decision-making live where the teams work every day. Atlassian's privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app. The condition than is: The reason I check it is that, for some reason, you need to provide one Label in a different format (text) than multiple Labels (an array). Decision is made when discussing another issue. To make the Decision log a perfect one, we need to solve this problem! However, while server apps are built for single-server deployments, many customers successfully install them in Data Center products.

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