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Legosi's life is looking up He finally passed his exams and became a full fledged solicitor, he recently proposed to his boyfriend (now fiancé) Louis. Chapter 190 shows Louis helping Legosi up. "Haru has been kidnapped and nobody's doing anything about it!" Louis: Legosi: And I’m a canine. Many Lougosi shippers also ship JunoHaru. legosi and louis (chapter 175) pink beastars manga! Images of Ibuki and Oguma fill his mind, and Louis takes the blood and dumps it all on his head in anger. Ezekiel makes his play. Louis' inner dialogue reveals his heartbreak, that "within the depths of (his) heart, (he) solemnly believed, even now, that he was different from the others; a carnivore with a good conscience.". Louis and Legosi are so gay for eachother in Beastars and it's wack that they haven't interacted for 21 chapters now! A doctor?” Legosi: “N-no” Louis: “Legosi, you’re a man, don’t forget it” Legosi: “I know” Luois took Legosi by his tie Louis: “You really know?” Legosi: “What are you doing?” Louis pulled Legosi closer and insert his hand in his mouth Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. anime legosi deer fanart louis manga wolf beastars. Status of Relationship He makes an uncensored and improper speech about the black market and the need for carnivores to eat meat, shocking the press. I’m so fuckin impressed on how they came out!! Legoshi This excludes Louis' hysterical laughter when asking the Shishigumi to eat him, as it was laughter caused by insanity, not amusement. My friend is going to die!". Louis calls the Shishigumi that night, demanding they comfort him for the whole night, much to their amusement. Louis puts his fingers in Legosi's mouth and demands Legosi bite him. ", Louis does not answer, and only answers "that's quite the change in subject. In Chapter 143, Louis can be seen blushing when he is with Legosi and the Shishigumi. His inner dialogue states he was very happy to see him again, despite their last encounter before the disappearance being a brawl. Beastars — Episode 9 Watch on Netflix: Synopsis [Ep. Louis laughs at him, unable to take his made-up face seriously. Also Known As In Chapter 175, Louis' thoughts flashback to him donating blood under Legosi's request (for the hybrid blood torch intended to defeat melon). Life at Cherryton returned to its normal semi-hectic days, and you made sure to equally spend time with both Legosi and Louis. Not long after that, Kai barges into the room, while Louis is scolding Zoe for not knowing the script. Louis yells to Legosi that he is already corrupted by society, but that Legosi is not - Legosi can still become a hero. Louis is pulling Legosi away, telling him that he is done watching his loved ones die. In Chapter 146, Melon says plainly, "predation is like romantic love between a male and a female.". Louis does not blush during his kiss with Juno and during his date with her in Chapter 194. Beastars - Legosi and Louis' Feelings: Wolf and Deer - YouTube In this artwork I wanted to refer to author's original art-style, but also to give something from my own as well. Legosi and Louis Crane Game Charm. 22 Comments. Louis, overwhelmed by the possibility of Legosi dying and his helplessness in preventing it, begins to cry uncontrollably, the first time he has cried in his life. Baby Legosi and Louis. I like carnivores. The omake shows two girls talking to each other. Character The Pawns move. Here are the different established relationships of Louis with the other characters, during the course of the publication of manga and anime. Legosi corners Bill in the bathroom after smelling something suspicious in his coat. As of Chapter 194 Legosi is the only character in the series who has made Louis laugh on-screen, and is also the first and only character to see him cry. IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. So I've read "BEASTARS"... And I loved it! Now that Louis and Legosi have found their purposes in life and after recent events, they know that it's time to move on from Cherryton Academy and into a home of their own to begin their life together. Is there a problem?". When Louis notices Legosi staring at him, he - among other words - says he has a favor to ask and tells the wolf to follow him. Legosi vows to protect Louis and decides not to try to hurt him and Haru's relationship out of respect for Louis. Only the moon sees them now.". By Chapter 97, Legosi is back in the duel, ready to fight. subscribe if u want...--------Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. ", It's revealed in one of the extras in the manga (. The student reveals to Legosi that many carnivores at the school are trying to attack Louis to prevent him becoming the next Beastar, as an herbivore Beastar would further reduce the position of carnivores in society. pink beastars manga! Louis is often able to maintain a certain level of control in a situation. Louis takes outs snacks and asks Legosi what he wants to eat: fruit jelly, Louis, or the castella? By Chapter 95, Louis has caught up to Legosi at the bridge where he is fighting Riz and has pulled him aside from the fight. He hastily tells Ibuki that he needs to leave to see Legosi, and says he wants to leave the Shishigumi. Louis allows the members to rough up Legosi, still angry and unaware that the bag of meat he bought was for resistance training and not eating. Legosi and Louis. Legosi admits to Louis that he has an herbivore fetish, and that his desire to protect herbivores was not out of justice, but out of hormones. Go to cart. Don't really know what the anime is about, but here you go. Louis is the first character that realizes that a 'herbivore' behavior is just some part of him and Legosi has some carnivore ferocity within him too. Louis tells Legosi to fit Zoe's outfit before tomorrow's Drama Club rehearsal, since he'll be Tem's replacement. Chapter 187 shows Louis running after Legosi in concern, with Kyuu by his side. After handing in his leave report and saying goodbye, Louis walks to a car surrounded by lions, revealing himself to be the new boss of the Shishigumi. Legosi asks Louis to run away with him, but Louis refuses as he is part of the Shishigumi. However, it is an interesting comparison because Riz's feelings toward Tem were heavily hinted to be romantic. “By the appearance of raw flesh. The latter occurs in Chapter 95, when Legoshi is about to battle Riz. A lot of the Beastars fans are also questioning Louis's sexuality - especially after the chapter 157 in manga - and think he might be gay or bisexual. As Azuki kisses him, Louis remarks to himself how her kiss was nothing like the sharp fangs of a canine, like when Juno kissed him. This is a continuation of We're Only Animals: Book 1, which began an AU where instead of attacking Haru at the beginning, Legosi attacked Louis, drastically altering the events of Beastars. Baby Legosi and Louis. Legosi and Louis. Legosi admits he knows Tem's killer and releases Louis, letting himself fall off the ledge of the building. He noticed this, and began to trace even faster. that scene was mind-blowing. • Odd Friendship• Not So Different• Unresolved Sexual Tension• Held Gaze• Ship Tease• Will They or Won't They?• Can't Live with Them Can't Live Without Them — in Louis's case.MOMENTS• Held Gaze• Holding Hands — the play scene.• The Glomp• Hug and Comment — Legosi hugs Louis saying that he's glad Louis is alive, embarrassing him with it.• You Are Not Alone. I think I have for a long time now, all because of that idiotic underclassman (Legosi).". Louis enters the stage as Adler and breaks up the fight, declaring Bill an imposter. Louis and Legoshi has appeared alongside each other in more promotional artwork than any two characters (Legoshi and Haru included). #beastars #incorrect beastars #incorrect beastars quotes #beastars legosi #beastars louis #Beastars Legoshi #Legosi #Legoshi #Louis #Lougosi #LegosixLouis #Legosi x Louis #LegosiLouis #LegoshixLouis #Legoshi x Louis #LegoshiLouis #anime #manga #silly Louis.

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