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That isn’t because I was not impressed by Dropbox’s efforts, I just think that it fits eBay’s core business and products better. As you can clearly see in this example for Dropbox’s monthly playlists: These examples are literally one of a kind, and you can tell that the designers wanted to create something special. Because they won’t…they will just keep scrolling. People are looking for more authenticity in all parts of their digital life and this is a great way to appeal to that. This is a HUGE difference between the two, but they are looking to attract basically the same users. I think if they would have used some abstract shapes or patterns, the graphics would feel too casual. I do think that contrast is what makes this graphic so interesting and powerful. Even something as simple as whatÂ. Everything about that screamed minimalist but there was not one mention of it in the press because true minimalism has been lost to the general public. The need for more authentic images will also influence icons and graphics. Instead, I recommend going a little off the rails with the colors you pick–within reason. • Better Branded Animations. But each year it seems like designers keep finding new ways to use gradients in their designs.Â. Also, look at how well they used a muted color palette across all the graphics!Â. Now when anyone sees these images, they know it came from Slack! A simple hashtag can be used to make sure your message or branding is crystal clear as well: Over the past few years, I have been seeing minimalist and handwritten fonts lose a lot of their popularity. Looking for top modern Graphic Design Trends and Predictions for 2020? The simple design clearly communicates the message of the graphic. Kinda like the blues, pinks, and reds in the example below: Or literally any of the colors used in this beautiful annual report: I believe that this shift towards more vivid colors is a continuation of the rejection of bland minimalist designs and colors of the early 2010’s.  we got the memo as well when we created this funÂ, To conclude, if you’re looking for a little more inspiration to create your own illustrated masterpieces, I would check out these examples fromÂ, Those ultra-generic pictures that might relate to the content should be avoided this year.Â. Just make sure the rest of your page is easy to navigate and the image, like below, is actually optimized. One of the best examples of using GIFs in this manner comes from the sports world, actually.  as a starting spot and build a whole secondary color palette by adding some black or white. One brand that used muted colors exceptionally well last year was LinkedIn, and they have continued to do so. Here is one of my favorite examples: I’m guessing you have more experience with GIFs. They already had a logo that everyone knew, but now they have a ton of new ways to use it. Or better yet, use your brand colors as a jumping off point and create a few secondary color palettes that you can use in your visual content. These flowing shapes look amazing on the high definition screens that so many of us are glued to: Actually, that might be the biggest driving force that has brought these flowing shapes and lines to the masses. We also took a similar approach, when creating this infographic template. A collage is not only made from magazine pictures. If I need to design one thing online and then add it to my slide deck, I am confident the fonts will work together. Going monochrome Check out how well the colors come together in the presentation template below: It’s like the two trendy color palettes of the past few years teamed up to create something very unique. Schools, health departments and other similar organizations will be using a lot of these serif fonts for the exact same reason too: Like I stated earlier with muted color palettes, brands are trying to seem a lot more genuine and positive going forward. These new stock photos look like they were taken with someone’s personal camera or phone. Design Carrie Cousins • January 14, 2020 • 8 minutes READ . Actually, maybe I will! 3D depth and realism 2. After talking about GIFs, it’s time to talk about their more refined cousins: cinemagraphs. . More brands and designers are adding vivid colors to their palettes for 2019 and beyond. We constantly invest in trainings to respond to new technological demands. This minimalist approach keeps the presentation cohesive and eye-catching, all without being too complex. They were able to include a bunch of different colors but still create a very minimalist logo. We are already starting to see some design elements that will be hot in 2020 (and maybe beyond). Last year I predicted that gradients would begin to take over the world. Jarring colors become harmonious in tiled patterns and modern collages, exaggerated proportions make for delightful and inclusive illustrations, and glitches become an aesthetic all their own. A simple hashtag can be used to make sure your message or branding is crystal clear as well:  ad below, would be very popular going forward. However, as you can see in all of these examples, the bold font is often the supporting partner to the other elements of graphic design. It helps foster a conversation with their audience and that should be one of your goals when using GIFs this year. Design helps us to better understand the world, and its trends allow us to keep up with the times. However, unlike last year, the messaging and visuals had to change a bit to fit the current climate. They use  “unexpected and vibrant” colors, as well as fonts and images that are as functional as they are pleasing to the eye. Typography is the visual component of the written word. Especially as the design world continues to buck some of the previous graphic design trends. A great example of using bold color comes from the sports world, in Bleacher Report. The GIF below from Revolut could have been a reaction GIF from Friends or The Office: We just reached 7 million customers! But in 2019, your GIF usage as a brand or company needs to be taken to the next level. They also use Rand Fishkin, in as many images as they can. In this presentation template example, they use only three colors to build an interesting visual: The slides use exactly the same layout throughout the whole presentation, only swapping the colors on each. From the fitness innovators at Classpass:Â, And Zume, which is trying to eliminate food waste on a global scale:Â. It masterfully walks the fine line between too dull and too complex. Just take a look at how they evolved their social media presence from last year: It’s almost like night and day. Muted colors feel safe and secure, even nostalgic. Even though it’s a mix of pastels and bold colors, the site still looks incredibly clean. Ones that took them a few seconds to find, and have already been used by millions of people. They use a mix of fonts to emphasize individual titles and establish a hierarchy of information on the page. So if you’re looking to update your graphic design for 2020, I would recommend starting with a muted color palette. Like so: You already have a battle-tested palette of colors that your audience recognizes. With a few icons, you can tell a simple visual story that will give a lot more context to your social media post, blog post,Â, There are a few ways that you can use flat icons this year to upgrade your visuals. But minimalism is actually about paring down design to only the necessary components. This means a lot of futuristic patterns, colors and ideas are about to dominate the design world for the next few years. 7 Modern Graphic Design Trends for Designers. Another great example of hand-drawn icon comes from Casper, a mattress company. Honestly, Twitter Marketing has been doing a lot of this lately and I think it’s going to be very popular going forward. But most of the graphic design trends I predicted last year have become mainstream. Also, this visual strategy can become part of their brand, making it easier for readers to spot their content. • Minimalist Landing Pages. They range from very simple announcements like below: Something about an agenda just makes it feel real. The image will be the first thing the readers are going to see on social media, and maybe then they’ll read the text. The graphs and charts are by far my favorite use of color gradients. You would be right. Because everyone else picked up on the simple sketch trend, it’s not unique anymore. This is not only a great branding play, it also humanizes the company as a whole. That means it becomes a useful tool for advertising and promoting your business. These slide decks get about 10-20x more impressions and clicks then a simple visual or graphic. If you follow us on LinkedIn you have probably seen some of our social slide decks like so: We have been creating them for the past year and I even wrote a whole article on how to create LinkedIn slide decks from scratch! Especially when they have a whole team of designers working on one project. I think that’s an important thing to remember when working on abstract graphics like this. For every tweet that includes both @SlackHQ and #WhenRemoteWorks, we’ll donate $5, up to $200,000. They use illustrations on almost all of their landing pages Like this interesting one below: MailChimp also got into the spirit and used hand-drawn illustrations in their 2016 annual report! Now, technically either would work for the same tweet, but the one from Cubeit is the clear winner. , in as many images as they can. It has to be difficult to be a networking platform in the middle of record unemployment, with a long economic recovery ahead.Â, Luckily, their social media graphics, landing pages, and other design assets feel genuine and comfortable because of those muted colors.Â, In addition to making a graphic feel more authentic, muted colors also feel very natural and organic.Â. With each issue, they are fighting with thousands of competitors to get the attention readers. For example, take a look at this product poster series from Nike: Each poster is traditionally minimalist, with not a lot of flair or unneeded elements. One that is dominated by color and creativity, instead of blandness and conformity. This impact changes straightforward creations into the new tense, present-day looking ones. If the leader in design is using them, I think they’re a safe bet. You may have noticed the world of design feels a little more colorful lately. In this noisy world that we all live in, that can be a huge benefit. Sometimes, when a company uses a large photo, video, or illustration, that shift isn’t as seamless as it should be.Â. Isometric illustrations are one of the most popular graphic design trends right now. One final thing I really like about some of these minimalist landing pages is that they make things easy for new and returning users. They all feel like they belong to a singular brand: These flat icons can also be consumed very quickly. Bold colors are the most common driving force that we have seen behind each of the design trends this year. Click here to jump back to the biggest graphic design trends in 2018, Or click here to jump back to the biggest graphic design trends in 2017.  also took this abstract approach across their blog images:  even used some of these free-flowing illustrations recently to advertise a new recipe: Speaking of branding, a small problem with some of these abstract images is that they make it hard to build aÂ,  unless you go all in like Casper or Mailchimp.Â, Now when anyone sees these images, they know it came from Slack!Â. One of the best things about the trends this year is that all of them work together pretty well. This push into the more real and genuine will be seen in the type of stock photos they use this year as well. That is why you need to start using authentic images that represent your brand. For example, in these graphics they only really change the borders from light to darker colors: It may seem like a lot of work to create multiple versions of your design but with Venngage’s My Brand Kit, you can switch between color palettes with a single click. All graphic designs should have one common objective, to direct the attention of the public towards a business or product. Now, I’m not saying you should stop using these types of GIFs…just don’t use them exclusively in 2020. The colors might just be a little more reserved across the board.Â. because true minimalism has been lost to the general public. Or they just overload their readers with way too much data, so the main point is lost in the noise.Â. So instead of using a boring photo, I would recommend creating some custom graphics. It could even catch your eye from across a crowded room.  has used the illustrations to make their blog headers look amazing: So instead of using a boring photo, I would recommend creating some custom graphics. . And that involves using a lot more color. Like these dreamy examples: This designer even uses gradients to add texture and depth to their abstract masterpieces: This seems to be another way that designers are moving away from simple and realistic illustrations, as they attempt to stand above the noise. Overall, the app just seems a lot more trustworthy than many other dating apps, in an industry that has been dominated by some unsavory behavior. Last year I talked a little bit about using more authentic photos in all parts of your design and marketing strategies. And I was able to find those examples relatively easy, so it baffles me when brands all use the same generic photo. These principles are similar to website design must-haves. They also used a lot of reserved and muted colors as you can see above.Â. They may actually be my new favorite company in 2018. I would recommend taking the time to create more branded GIFs this year. Bright, vivid colors have made their way into their marketing material: We saw Spotify embrace gradients, bold colors, and flat design before it was fashionable, and I see bright colors taking the same path. In 2017, bold typography will also fight against the ever-dwindling attention spans of readers, and the saturation of content. For example, Grammarly used gradients instead of flat colors in their social media graphics: The designers at Trello uses them to accentuate their blog headers and social graphics too: Instead of being the main focal point of these designs, the gradients are just one of those elements of graphic design that elevates the graphic.Â. , who have taken to using more non-traditional colors in their magazine cover designs to entice readers. And that’s the whole point of a lot of GIFs. To take the temperature of creative opinion, we’ve spoken to design professionals at all levels of the industry to discover the trends they’ve been spotting, and the predictions they’re making. Otherwise, you’re stuck with a pretty boring single-colored background. I mean, if you can’t take the time to create or find a better stock image, why should I take my time to read it? One of the easiest is to use a single icon like in theseÂ, Or you can use multiple flat icons to create a more complex graphic likeÂ, We take this approach sometimes when creating our ownÂ,  into graphics with these flat icons. Check out this example: Anyone know what they are trying to convey with this graph? Here Is A Glance At 15 Biggest Graphic Design Trends In 2020 01. Not meticulously planned like some of the examples below: Ugh, that fist bump photo makes me cringe a little bit. That shows readers that the person who produced the content didn’t care enough about their work to find an impactful image. For example, take a look at the header font in the infographic below: I like heavy fonts because you can use them to create a ton of contrast in your graphics. Adobe used a heavy font extremely well in this exact manner below: The strong modern fonts contrast with the cute dog pictures. I do think that contrast is what makes this graphic so interesting and powerful. Â. For the third year in a row, gradients are going to be a major trend in the graphic design world. Or eBay, which actually rebranded a few months before Dropbox. By Daria Lebedeva | 12th Feb 2020. Instead of using a bad stock image, use an awesome illustration or icon. Bright, vivid colors have made their way into their marketing material: I do think it’s important to note that you don’t have to only use vivid colors. In 2017, that will all change. The same thing can be said about the font used example below: The hard angles of the font stand out against the flowing shapes and really grab your attention. Whether you’re looking for a modern logo design for a new business or considering a rebrand, creating or refreshing your product packaging or package graphics, or looking to redesign your company’s website, you should be familiar with these 12 graphic design trends that will be most influential in 2019. With same-day money in and out processing, you can access and move your money faster. It just happens to be a lot easier to increase the weight of a sans-serif font because of the, well, lack of serifs.Â. Graphic design trends 2020 are here and about to steal your heart! Big and daring fonts will be used to grab the eye. Kinda like the blues, pinks, and reds in the example below: After one of the largest trendsetting companies,Â.  using it across all of their marketing: , which illustrates nicely the move to more vivid colors this year as well: Like with a poster, social media graphic or flyer. This year, I really want you to focus on extending that trend to your social shares as well. DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, shared examples of the best graphic design projects in 2020, the new trends in the field and the top graphic … Or on the side of a building, like with this innovative event poster example: With futuristic designs, you can take a lot of risks and let your creativity run wild. If you can create and share GIFs that marry those three ideas together nicely, you will be set in 2019 to really capitalize on this social media marketing trend. It has been an insanely popular featured image! The word can also be used to mean a collection of different things.  have been using these muted colors like a pro lately: In each of the examples above, there’s still a lot ofÂ,  being used, but if they would have used vivid colors the images would be a lot more abrasive.Â, Because of that infusion, muted colors work almost flawlessly with neutral colors. . — LinkedIn Marketing (@LinkedInMktg) July 27, 2020. And when you’re sharing these visuals on social media, that counts for a lot.Â, Plus, people will remember that data or piece of information a lot longer if presented in that fashion.Â, While you’re working on a data visualization, try to think about what you want to say with your graphic.Â, If you want someone to focus on a single data point, the data visualization will be a lot different than one where you compare multiple things.Â, One thing that really surprised me this year was that a ton of brands have started using geometric shapes in their designs.Â. As much as the simple pie chart gets hated on, it’s a pretty handy data visualization. Kinda like my alma mater, the University of Arkansas, does below: They are definitely fans of bold fonts, however what they are not fans of is winning apparently. Facebook. , always ahead of the curve, has used it in their branding and logos for the past few years, actually: One of the best examples I have seen of gradients being used comes fromÂ. Like with a poster, social media graphic or flyer. In fact, mixing those color with stronger or flatter colors will help you stand as well. These apps use different modes to make the apps more useful for the user depending on the situation. You can use this same flexible technique in your design work to instantly adapt to many mediums or screens. A few years ago, bright, bold and colorful stock images become extremely popular. So in 2019 don’t be one of those creators, instead strive to be more weird, unique and genuine with your visuals! And they like things that are insanely easy to use. That might sound like an insane mission statement but they seem to stand by it.Â, For first-time users, that might be hard to believe but once you look at their branding,Â, We have been creating them for the past year and, I even wrote a whole article on how to create LinkedIn slide decks, repurpose the most important content from a blog post. Whether you are a designer or working Another example is Fast Company, who have taken to using more non-traditional colors in their magazine cover designs to entice readers. Your content could be great but it will never get the chance because you picked a bad featured image. Designers are going to continue to push the envelope in 2020, rejecting overly geometric, proper, and rigid shapes that were once so popular. It has been an insanely popular featured image! A better website means more leads and sales conversion. Design & Development. For first-time users, that might be hard to believe but once you look at their branding, brand guide and app it seems a lot more realistic: I think it’s because their serif font makes the information and photos feel like they came from a real person, not a bot. The process of graphic design begins with a graphic designer. Whether it’s the effect of a worn-out paper, a grunge effect, retro patterns, or using retro color schemes, i.e. In the simplest terms, duotones are images that replace the whites and blacks in a photo with two colors. Civil infrastructure What was so interesting about this graphic design ephemera was the quality of paper on which it was printed. Monuments 5. We’ve made a deep research to spot the rise in several particular trends which are expected to boom next year. This means we’ll be seeing this style quite often on posters, ads, web designs, landing pages, and other digital and print designs. Plus those posters will definitely stand out on the busy streets of NYC. Check out the contrast between the header of this page, and the flowing pattern on the right: The header basically jumps off of the screen. Zoom has put out a few decks that can help you use their product: A post shared by Zoom (@zoom) on Aug 21, 2020 at 10:10am PDT, I really like this approach because you can still activate your followers to take an action, without needing a direct link.

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