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This position may be in charge of preparing items for distribution or shipment. A Vocal Impersonator is one who takes on the personality, stage presence, and music of a known artist, and then performs it as if they were the actual artist. An Arranger will rewrite a piece of existing music with additional new material or flesh out an existing idea or sketch for a singer, a group of performers or other music ensembles. This person is responsible for the smooth running of the retail store, managing employees, and reaching sales goals. They will make more strategic business decisions. Working in the music industry as a Box Office Assistant can be a good way of experiencing the excitement of live performances and playing an important role in keeping customers happy and things running smoothly. Some Backing Singers may specialize in harmony. A vocalist that also writes songs. ... Music editor: The music editor works for the composer to execute their vision by synching and editing the music. Responsibilities may include overseeing generally department operations such as monitoring and pursuing license fee collections, processing license fee payments and maintaining synch licensing databases. Some obvious, some not. The Human Resources Manager at a music company is the management for all company personnel. They may sing alone as a soloist, work with a group of musicians or sing with others in a choir. The bar manager reviews the inventory, manages the money and staff, buys supplies and ensures that the bar meets legislative directives. An Editor reviews and approves proofs submitted prior to publication. "production") of an artist's music. Nashville An Animateur produces images that appear to come to life on screen. The board operator is responsible for operation of the control system (board), and in the case of temporary or portable productions, the board op will also be responsible for the installation and testing of the control system as well. Because music provides only a fraction of the incentive for listeners to tune in, an On-Air Personality must be able to entertain an audience. A few academic programs in piano technology and repair exist through technical schools and universities. It is a highly skilled job and Audio Programmers need a high level of technical knowledge and understanding of a wide range of computer programs as well as a passion for the games. The Orchestra Manager is responsible for arranging orchestra concert tours, as well as dealing with any problems that arise for the orchestra, including the late arrival of instruments to an auditorium, or a musician becoming ill and needing a replacement. A musician is someone who has studied and performs on one or more instruments. A Tour, Production Assistant can refer to many different technical positions, such as Stage Tech, Instrument Tech, or Roadie, all of which play key roles in the production side of a tour. Promoters are also often involved in sound checks and in ensuring the bands have all of the proper equipment and backup they need for the performance. This position is hands-on, requiring the instructor to be able to demonstrate methods and techniques for the class, observe and correct students as they attempt maneuvers themselves, and offer suggestions to students on how to improve their dance techniques. Grant writing refers to the practice of completing an application process for funding provided by an institution such as a government department, corporation, foundation or trust. Most Club DJs have residencies (secured gigs at specific clubs) and perform daily, weekly or monthly. Their job usually includes representing musicians by putting together deals, negotiating and reviewing contracts and protecting against copyright infringement. When it comes to film production, jobs in the motion picture industry fall into three categories: preproduction, production, and postproduction. The Account Executive will often be responsible for a portfolio of clients or brands. 6 Things You Must Do To Become Your Own Boss, 17 Things To Avoid Saying In A Job Interview, 5 Steps Towards Creating The Best Possible Resume. Responsiblities may include conducting research, fact checking, or copy editing, offering comments to improve the work of writers, providing administrative support to the editor, conducting data inputting and database searching, maintaining production schedules, and rep. The role is very varied and depends on the nature of the business and what their specific needs are. An A&R Assistant can be responsible for supporting any and all A&R administrative tasks.. Promoters work with agents and venues to set up concert and tour dates, negotiate deals and contracts, and promote the band performances using press and media outlets. The POC serves as the gatekeeper of company policy. A venue must operate year round, so the venue manager must keep the space in good working condition not only during a performance, but on off nights as well. A&R in those days was concerned with matching artists with songwriters. Depending on the individual’s range of expertise, he or she may also be tasked with caring for instruments in the studio’s inventory and performing repairs like bridge replacements on guitars or changing out drum heads. Executive Director will also handle the daily on-goings of the company including everything from staff and committee organization, management, and collaboration. The field draws on many artistic and vocational areas, including electronics, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and music. Charitable giving to human causes on a large scale. Once the guitar equipment has been set up onstage, the guitar tech does a, Keyboard technicians, often referred to as piano technicians, technologists or tuners, adjust and repair pianos. This person will give the label direction and purpose daily, and serve as the team leader for final decision making. Along with the music supervisor, the music editor often assembles the temp music. They are responsible for working with the bands, their managers, and the record company in order to set up tour dates and cover the financial and logistical aspects of running the tour. With changes in technology, an increasing number of people are becoming involved in producing their own music. Computer skills are needed to maintain databases of contacts and venue information. They are responsible for maintaining the current state of the department, as well as bring in new ideas to support it's growth. The theatre manager is a business manager responsible for managing a theater and its staff. These requirements are often set out by the conductor or concert manager. Music lovers who are good at talking with people and who simply love to play a variety of music should definitely look into working as a radio host or DJ. If you are looking for a varied role with the opportunity to become involved in a wider range of tasks you are more likely to find this in a small company. The music industry relies just as heavily on media coverage of groups and tours as much as they do on ticket sales to attend such events. The Fundraising Assistant duties may include office administrative work, filing, making copies, running errands, liaising between donors and the organization, and setting up events. Music journalists and photographers are therefore in very high demand, especially with all of the music-oriented media outlets around, like Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Vibe, and MTV. This can include cover bands, orchestras, symphonies, jazz groups, rock bands, etc. A director is responsible for determining how the film moves, sounds and looks, as well as for the performances of the actors. to continue their rehearsals with a broke down musical accompaniment. Often include vocal harmonies or other harmonious applications in their performance. A Mastering Engineer is one skilled in the practice of taking audio (typically musical content) that has been previously mixed in either the analog or digital domain as mono, stereo, or multichannel formats and preparing it for use in distribution, whether by physical media such as a CD, vinyl record, or as some method of streaming audio. Sales Associate. The role is very varied and depends on the nature of the business and what their specific needs are. Account Managers on Music Jobs Account Manager jobs; Accountant (Qualified) A Qualified Accountant in the music industry is a chartered Accountant with financial expertise within a music industry organisation, record label or related music company. Assistants may also verify incoming shipments or verify distribution is accurately scheduled. Skilled worker who mends or repairs musical instruments and tools, A Répétiteur is responsible for coaching singers and playing the piano for music and production rehearsals. Below are the top 10 job categories and a link to the most popular job titles in each industry. Responsibilities include brainstorming new ideas for promotional campaigns, developing a team and gathering staff for on-going and new campaigns, and executing them successfully. Apply to Intern, Music Manager, Blogger and more! They also solve any problems that arise. A Promoter organizes entertainment events such as concerts, nightclub parties or sporting events in any type of venue. An Assistant Artist Manager (also known as Assistant Talent Manager), is an individual or company who guides the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry. Learn More Avg. To do so, they must network with venue operators, music promoters and other Bookers. The Associate Producer is an individual who performs a limited number of producing functions delegated to her/him by a producer, under the direct supervision and control of that producer. In the 1990s, you could sum up 90% of IT professionals with a few dozen job titles. The compositions may be in any style, such as classical, rock, soul, rhythm and blues, opera, pop, jazz, funk, blues, big band, country or folk. His or her basic duties involve assistance with daily office administration, business operations, and budgetary recommendations. As well as music for live performance, Composers create music for film, radio, computer, hand held games and other media. Today many musicians rely on independent songwriters to provide them with material to record for their own albums. This often requires a lot of networking with venues and promoters to ensure the band gets a gig at an appropriate location and for an appropriate audience. The monitor engineer is then faced with the challenge of pleasing anywhere from four to ten or more musicians with a good mix. I’ve found the definition of management seems to vary pretty heavily depending on who you talk to, how big a band you are, and what you’re each willing to do. A Writer, or Journalist, seeks out news and brings it to the public as quickly as possible. Facilities managers, also known as administrative services managers, help ensure that organizations operate efficiently by expertly planning and directing building-related services. M, A Business Affairs Manager has a wide range of duties and responsibilities in an organization. Brooklyn T. A Financial Executive oversees the macro financial operations of a company or corporation. They will be the liaison between the company and it's relationships with media outlets. A Producer, Assistant helps a Producer to oversee and manage the recording (i.e. They are employed directly either by a music company, or by an agency specializing in the music or entertainment industry. A Music Engraver offers many different services including music typesetting, note setting, editing and score preparation. A venue must operate year round, so the venue assistant must help keep the space in good working condition not only during a performance, but on off nights as well. They will need to be comfortable with different types of equipment and different setups. A Community Music Worker will often work in areas where there are social, cultural or environmental issues to be addressed. They can do anything from writing out compositions, to suggesting what instrumentals and sound effects to use, and even act as a session player to provide an additional instrumental on a recording. They will be the liaison between the company and it's social media networks. The following brief job descriptions serve as a reference for IT, … Will perform all music throughout rehearsals, which is often a reduction of the orchestral score. Music Directors are generally responsible for choosing music t, A Music Director, Assistant may assist the music director of an orchestra, the director of music for a film, the director of music at a radio station, the head of the music department in a school, the co-ordinator of the musical ensembles in a university or college (but not usually the head of the academic music department), the head bandmaster of a military band, the head organist and choirmaster of a church, or an Organist and Master of the Choristers. They operate sophisticated elec. Music Attorney, Assistants and Paralegals work in the entertainment law field. Producers get right into the studio with the artists and work with them and the recording engineer to create the band’s desired sound or style. The studio technician works closely with in-house recording engineers and staff to regularly inspect gear for damage and we. Music executives may hold a variety of job titles in the music industry, including producer, marketer, talent manager, business manager or sales manager. Rarely involved in the day-to-day operation of the film, the executive producer may be involved in the business of several productions at once. If you love putting on a live concert, or simply enjoy going to see a live performance, then you should consider the promotional side of the music business. A Music Publishing Assistant is generally responsible for assisting in ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. They are the ears, eyes, and voice for the company and the clients, and are expected to mediate as well as voice their opinions based on company and member concerns. They must analyze a song and synchronize their video to the rhythm of its music. When the images are viewed at speed the character appears to move. to boost company earnings, build relationships with consumers and affiliates, and exploit the company in the digital world. An Audio Software Engineer specifically develops the software that runs programs for the gaming industry, websites, television, video and radio stations. Conductors work with a range of performers including amateur and professional orchestras and c. A Business Consultant is a position that requires someone with insight, foresight, and a general overall perspective of a company and where it stands among its competitors. Catalo. Job descriptions As part of these plans, merchandisers may schedule promotional events and performances and set up displays at venues or stores. For a large organization, the duties of security guards are directed by a higher security director, while he may work alone for small buildings. This position ensures that both the artist and the hiring organization have a clear understanding of the logistics and business details of an event or tour, and encourage a musician's association with the organization. A Driver is responsible for the transportation of artists and equipment. They may be responsible for managing a team of account executives. Choreographers create and arrange original dances, combining steps and movements to form an artistic whole. Landing an entry-level job can help you acquire the skills necessary for advancement into more rewarding positions within the music business. The Stage Manager, Assistant is responsible for helping the stage manager organize rehearsal schedules, keep track of the actors' movements while onstage (also called blocking), facilitate rehearsals so that they run smoothly, record timing of lighting, sound and set changes, call cues for actors, assist the director during rehearsals, and communicate with cast and crew. Responsibilities may include maintaining writer and publisher royalty accounts, assisting with distribution mailings, processing payments, voids and reissues, releasing withheld monies, setting up charges, placing withhol. A Theatre Teacher teaches acting principles and techniques to individuals or groups. Bar managers regularly review bar operations, including special-event setups, p, A barback keeps a bar stocked with all the dishes and supplies bartender needs. Radio producers generate ideas, research and develop the content, select the audio, and also contact potential contributors and interviewees. A Studio Manager in the music industry makes sure that the studio is organized in terms of bookings, equipment and administration. Job positions lists for customer service, business owners, management and executive business titles. Job description sources include (but are not limited to), and wikipedia. They work closely with producers, promoters, journalists, and label executives to handle tour, venue, and recording contracts, marketing, and press releases. The Press Office Director has several duties including the maintenance of quality control for outgoing editorials and other print, managing and hiring of office staff, build and maintain relationships with other media outlets, and come up with new and improved strategies to boost and grow the business. Music merchandisers work on the business side of the music industry, combining their love for music with a practical application. Professional qualifications in accountancy are essential for this role. New music industry careers are added daily on The Promotions Director is a managerial position that requires a versatile and savvy person to fill the role. They are responsible for the processing, storage and playback of sound effects and music in the game. At the beginning of each rehearsal, the stage manager should call the cast to order and phone unexpectedly absent members. A Stylist can be responsible for designing and/or implementing the wardrobe, hair style, and overall physical image of actors in a production. S/he may seek out prospective students, presenting them with the benefits of education and student life at his or her institution, as well as provide current students with academic advice. The job may include: negotiating contracts and fees, finding and booking events and venues that match the artist's career strategy, advising on career decisions, publicity and promotion, helping them on career decisions such as which record producer to work with, or which songs to perform, and managing. A Membership Representative is responsible for acting as a liaison between members and the parent company. Some just titles but whatever. Here’s a list of some music industry job titles & roles. Software engineers first analyze users' needs. They make sure the music is in tempo with the scenes and that the music is an enhancement and not a distraction. Fo, A Backline Technician provides technical support for live performances. Pleasing clients with catchy, infectious ads also consumes a large amount of an on-air personality's work day. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. A bouncer or security guard often cards a person to identify if he is old enough to enter the bar. This person prepares the route that the tour will take to get to the next destination. Whether the club is independent or owned by a chain it has its own identity and is likely to specialize in a particular type of music, such as dance, house, folk or rock. A broadcast presenter is the public face - or voice - of programs broadcasted on television, radio and the internet. The A, A Backing Vocalist or Backing Singer is a singer who doesn't sing in the lead but sings in harmony with the lead vocalist, other Backing Vocalists, or alone for effect on the instrumentals rather than singing the lead. They have final say on the life of old and new accounts, as well as other company investments. This includes office administration, as well as reviewing editorials and reading over documents for editing. The Concert Manager's task will i, Music Conductors help groups of instrumentalists and singers to interpret and perform pieces of music. Review sample job titles and job title lists categorized by industry, type of job, occupation, career field, and position level. This position is most active within media based industries, including live events, television, film, advertising, theatre, and video gaming. They might do session work for backing tracks, advertisements and films. Often needed as a fill-in for a symphony orchestra, or a rock band member. A Bodyguard handles, Professional Singers or Vocalists perform live in front of an audience or make recordings for broadcast, CD or download. A Web Designer working within the music industry creates digital tools for artists to grow their online presence. Repetiteurs are skilled musicians who have strong sight-reading and score reading skills. A Wiring Tech may also set up and operate associated spotlights and other custom lighting systems. A Production Assistant, also known as a PA, is a job title used in filmmaking and television for a person responsible for various aspects of a production. Music Attorneys practice in the entertainment law field. Responsibilities can include registering claims to songs at collection agencies, processing the royalties which result from the exploitation of songs, data entry of song information into copyright/royalty systems and copyright research. Many entry-level jobs require an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree. They will often work both for the game team directly and the software department. The Executive Assistant acts as a gatekeeper to the company's higher-ups, maintains an organized calendar for executive appointments and daily activities, and will maintain an "outsiders" perspective in regards to the macro view of the company.

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