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We LOVED the impact the pattern had on our curb appeal and decided to give it a shot. They haven’t shifted one bit, even with furniture moved in and out, the stroller going over them every day, etc. Pavers can then be placed in the desired pattern on top of the sand. Wow! You may have also noticed that we installed a retaining wall! The use of darker colored pavers for sidewalks will help to melt snow faster and hide stains. We have created a product that is durable and long lasting. Would you tackle a project like this? var h = '?v=' + new Date().getTime(); Light it up: Easy Landscape Lighting at #theblondevic », If we could pick just one appliance to splurge on, We’re sharing 5 unique gift pairing ideas on the, Plans for today: PJs all day + Thanksgiving takeou, Still deciding whether to cook up a storm this Tha, We’re spilling the beans on our GV Townhome sale, We just finished painting and hanging a big new pi, Light it up: Easy Landscape Lighting at #theblondevic | Beginning in the Middle, A grinder for making curved paver cuts (we used. Basically, installing pavers over concrete has its limitations. We laid our pavers one by one based on the measurements we marked during our dry run. Pavers Over Concrete: Assemble the materials. A trick you can do is drilling small holes through the concrete every few inches to help eliminate puddling. However, note that they will have to be set with mortar, so you might have cracking and other disturbances appear, especially if the base below is faulty. If you have a crumbling surface, this project won’t work without some extra prep work. Most landscape suppliers and home centers stock all the materials, but you may have to do a little hunting for the right combination of pavers. The nice thing about this ledger stone is that you don’t need grout, so it saved on time! I’m going to give it try. If money and time are not an issue to you, it is best to get rid of your concrete slab and start your new project from scratch. Note that water and ice are constant dangers – if the water seeps through the patio and rests on the concrete layer below, and this water freezes, you may experience nasty heaving and settling. Installing a base of aggregate may be the best option, but perhaps the best is not needed in this situation. Perhaps they have an old installation built on a concrete slab, or perhaps they want to avoid doing the work necessary to rip up an old concrete patio or driveway. It may be necessary to cut some of the brick near the edging. The contractors we contacted were all booked and expensive, so we started thinking of other ideas. Our front walkway at The Vic left much to be desired…. Another thing to consider here is price and cost – if you are going to lay a lot of money out for expensive materials like natural stone pavers and flagstone, why not just go the extra mile and get it installed correctly on a fresh base? Sweep away excess surface sand and the brick pavement is ready for traffic. love! A big part of the problem was our concrete walkway and stairs. Spread out about 2" of sand over the walk area, then place two 1" pipes on either side of the paving area. We lined our walkway with plastic paver edging. Make sure that there will be no problems with water as a result of this installation, as it will not be able to drain easily through the pavers with the concrete underneath – the last thing you want is a flooded yard or basement. For example, you’ll probably have to use mortar for certain applications, as the standard sand bed/compacting method may not work. Concrete Gray Basket weave Yorkstone Paver (37 Pieces/100 Sq. Paving stones have become an increasingly popular material for driveways, patios, pool decks and walkways in the California Bay area. You will also need to consider how you will surround the installation – with soil, mulch, or stone. Ft). We actually want ours to wear and look older over time to match the age of the house (1900). It took us Bryan many hours to get through all of them, but it was worth it! You can also drill small drainage holes through the … By installing the 1.5″ pavers over our walkway, we needed to add height to our stair treads to level everything out. #2: Your surface needs to be relatively flat without any large cracks or bumps in it. Learn how your comment data is processed. This will help prevent some future problems with your project. ft. Washer and 5.9 cu. var f = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; Belgard's walkway pavers come in a wide selection of different shapes, sizes and colors so you can create a unique walkway path that matches the character of your home. I liked your paver orientation on the diagonal. Our thin “remodeling” pavers are specifically designed for overlaying existing concrete. It took us several hours of shifting them around to get it right. The concrete will be a darker color at first, but it will dry a lighter color. Explore More on (w[n].q = w[n].q || []).push(arguments); Second, the height of the installation will obviously be higher than it was. Sep 13, 2020 - Explore Inquire's board "Paver walkway" on Pinterest. Appreciative content!! That’s it guys. Installing pavers over concrete defeats some of the main benefits that you get with pavers. ft. We laid landscaping fabric over the cracks, which will prevent weeds from growing and pushing pavers out of place. We accidentally bought this paver base sand, which we assumed was what we should be using based on the description. You could also lay down outdoor patio tile on top of an already existing concrete installation – this will give the project the new look that you desire with a fraction of the cost and time. Since your pavers are over concrete we recommend that you use a non-pervious polymeric sand to fill the joints. It just goes to show how creativity can come up with a beautiful solution and still not break your budget. Step 2: Place 1/2" of latex modified mortar underneath each paver, adhering it to the concrete. Great job to you both. Laying pavers over a concrete patio may work fine, since it will experience little stress, but a driveway constructed in this way may not be able to stand the stresses of vehicles. Love how you really detailed how you accomplished this fabulous look. In short, yes, it is possible, but with a few things to keep in mind. Wow! Sometimes, the paver levitates above that grass or rock, or above sand, dirt, ground cover, pebbles, or even other concrete. Pavers are designed to be flexible with the surface. Flexibility of pavers. It’s amazing how quickly it captures the eyes interest without making you dwell long enough to decide its pavers from Lowe’s. In some cases, using shorter pavers (such as ones that are one-inch tall … The finer sand was so much easier to work with and gave the pavers a soft but firm surface to sit on. Once the brick are all in place, install mason's sand between the brick and over the surface. By installing the 1.5″ pavers over our walkway, we needed to add height to our stair treads to level everything out. You can see here how short our bottom porch step is, and the unfinished edge in the front. However, if this is not an option for you there are varying opinions on how it should be done. Certain pavers may be too tall for your space, leading to tripping hazards, blocked doors, drainage issues or uneven surfaces. In addition, using different materials on top will affect the conclusions described above. Many people love the look of pavers, but concrete – believe it or not – can look very similar and provide some advantages that pavers can’t. These will replicate the look of regular pavers while also helping to preserve height – they are thin so that they don’t create a tripping hazard or mess up grades. How did you end the retaining wall where it meets the neighbor? Cover the entire concrete space in a thin layer of this sand. Another potential problem when it comes to the heights of the new brick may relate to grades or slopes –  if you have issues with water pooling in particular areas, it probably won’t be corrected with this new paver installation. I love the home you selected for renovation and for living. If you’re planning a paving project around your home or business, your choice of material could make all the difference when it comes to cost, appearance and durability. Did you seal the pavers so they don’t stain and discolor? This is a problem for most manufacturers of concrete products. While this is entirely normal and will go away with time, the problem is exacerbated if the paver rests on a solid concrete bed. In short, installing pavers over concrete is doable, but has some negatives you need to be aware of. For this project you need concrete sand, which is jagged and will lock into place to hold the pavers steady. What is the top-selling concrete pavers product? The paver base was too rocky, so we removed all of it and started from scratch. For instance, installing pavers over concrete for a pool deck may be a risky proposition, because if the pool pavers are too high, they may create a tripping hazard near the pool or may make people cut themselves when they are entering or exiting the area. We bought limestone stair treads from a local stone yard to cap the front of the walkway and all of the stairs. }; var e = d.createElement(t); We poured about 3/4″ of leveling paver sand on top of the old concrete and spread it to level out any minor surface imperfections. A consumer or contractor may ask: can laying pavers over concrete be a good idea? Make sure your contractor is trained in doing this procedure and has experience with it. Take care and good luck with your new career direction. We’re really, reaaaaaally happy with how it came out! We’re excited to share a full tutorial with aaaall the deets. TB Prefabricated specializes in concrete pavers for driveways, patios and landscaping. So beautiful, and what a difference that darker paint looks, too! The bricks should be placed as close to each other as possible. The Benefits of Concrete Pavers. We used plastic paver spikes as spacers, placing one in each joint. e.async = true; If you want pavers installed over 120 square feet of land, you are looking at a cost of $560 to $850 for … Carolyn specifically chose it over a tumbled stone her contractor showed her because it didn’t have as many gaps between the pavers where debris, pollen and leaves could collect or get stuck. Drainage: The biggest problem with laying pavers over a concrete slab is the inability for water to drain through the blocks and down into the earth. For instance, efflorescence is a problem for all concrete paver installations. and the top of the steps ledge slabs? The benefits to using DriBond versus another adhesive is that it applies much more quickly, and it fills in any existing … No we didn’t, but you definitely could. It can be easy installed and can be … formId: '5ea32807df06e70026d084fc' It should be thick enough that the brick pavers can fit down without being submerged. Advantages of Concrete over Pavers. })(window, document, 'script', '', 'fd'); This prevents the pavers from shifting out of place. Third, installing paving stones over a concrete slab may be easier, and thus within the skill of a homeowner, the finished product may be somewhat disappointing. Remember when it looked like this? Make sure that your concrete patio or driveway is entirely clean before you putting the pavers down. Let’s dive in! This is the phenomenon of a white, chalky residue appearing at the surface of the pavers. There are two trains of thought on installing pavers over concrete: […] the day, we love how our front yard looks (if you missed our walkway & retaining wall tutorial, click here to catch […]. f.parentNode.insertBefore(e, f); Called soldier rows, these outside bricks create a stable frame for the inside pavers. Before installing pavers over concrete, be mindful of the height of the pavers. Whether you're looking for a patio with old-world charm or a walkway with contemporary flair, Belgard offers a wide variety of concrete pavers to fit your style. Beautiful! Don’t throw away anything cause there is always a chance to reuse or renew anything that comes out of these homes. I will follow you from time to time. The two of you look handsome and strong together; I hope your union lasts forever. Buy GE White Laundry Center 3.8 cu. The materials for this 12 x 14-ft. patio cost about $850, or $5 per sq. I wasn’t sure just how secure our pavers would be, being that we didn’t use mortar, but this for sure worked. It’s a little lighter than the concrete is, but over time it should even out. To make our cuts, we used a circular saw for straight cuts, and a grinder for our curved cuts. We saved hundreds, if not thousands, by using these $1 pavers and working with what we had. We bought limestone stair treads from a local stone yard to cap the front of the walkway and all of the stairs. What an amazing job you’ve done! After getting through many rows, we tested them and realized they were wobbly. Would it be possible to just cover it with new pavers instead? And this is where we started – eeeek. Thus, you’ll probably want to install a new base for a pool area, unless you are using thin pavers and the heights work fine (see below about thin pavers). That's because paving stones can add to your homes curb appeal … My experience with an "overlay" has given me a new approach. quick question….were did you get the stacking stone? The cost to install pavers or a concrete slab depends on the surface area that you want covered, materials, labor, and removal of previous pavers or concrete. We spread the finer paver sand on top of it, and started laying pavers. We’ve been wanting to do something similar in our backyard. Use a rubber concrete float to smooth out the concrete mix over the old walkway.. Once the walkway is covered with the concrete resurfacer, you want to go over it with an concrete brush.. Paver edging is also a must if the pavers are not bordered by concrete or another solid edge.” Use concrete pavers with a minimum compressive strength of 8,000 psi and a maximum water absorption rate of 5%. Lay bricks around the concrete slab's outside edges, with brick narrow sides facing outward. Next year, we’ll finish our … Tamp down the 2" of sand as well. You took it to a very textured, interesting, and clean-lined look, and it blends well with your house. It’s a little lighter than the concrete is, but over time it should even out. Thanks so much for sharing and BTW, gorgeous family. Many of our paving stones can also support vehicular loads to create stunning driveways. July 10, 2019 By Bennett Paving. We started by installing a retaining wall using 8×16 concrete blocks (they’re between $1-2 each at Lowe’s) and adhered them together with landscape adhesive. With an aggregate base, you have the ability to create new patterns or shapes; this is not the case if you are installing pavers over concrete. w[n] = w[n] || fn; What a spectacular transformation! This allowed us to shift pavers and make adjustments quickly and easily before committing. We grabbed a few $1 concrete pavers from Lowe’s and placed them in a diamond pattern to see if we liked the way they looked. ft. 240-Volt Vented Electric Dryer-GUD27ESSMWW ; Buy Ortho Ortho Home … After lots of research, the answer was yes! If you use beach sand, the pieces are round and your bricks could shift. And … Next year, we’ll finish our stairs and add limestone risers, but for now, paint will get us through the winter! Our portfolio includes contemporary modular pavers, traditional cobble and brick pavers, and options with the look and texture of natural stone patio pavers. Here are some benefits of concrete pavers and timely tips for upgrading your existing concrete patio, driveway or walkway with beautiful concrete pavers. Work in small areas to ensure the mortar stays wet for paver application. You can see here how short our bottom porch step is, and the unfinished edge in the front. Allow to dry. For instance, if you put pavers over a concrete patio, the height of the patio will be increased by the height of the brick. We used a broom to sweep the sand into all of the joints, and then wet the entire walkway with our hose when we were finished. There’s just a few caveats: #1: Your surface needs to be intact and solid. Remove broken pieces of slab, brush off debris and use a level to ensure that the cement sections are flat and even. Laying pavers over this material may pose problems to the drainage as concrete slabs have the inability to drain water through the blocks and into the earth. This looks awesome! Are you tired of looking at a boring concrete patio, pool deck, walkway or steps? Using less expensive pavers, you could cut the cost by almost half. Bring new life with thin pavers! As a part of our curb appeal update this summer, we planned on jacking up all of the old concrete and replacing it with new concrete. Of course, when they started installing brick pavers over existing cement sidewalk we mowed our monkey grass all the way down so our masonries could work. This was another budget friendly project that we tackled ourselves, and one that made a HUGE impact on our curb appeal. I loved reading this article. That is an absolutely gorgeous transformation! Thanks for posting this useful information over here; I really hope it will be helpful to many to know about the diy paver walk way. exactly what I’ve been looking for my front walkway!!! Using paving sand or mason's sand, you will need to fill the space in the middle of the border. In particular, if freezing and thawing during the winter months cracks the concrete underneath, the patio, driveway, or walkway may be thus adversely affected, perhaps settling or developing its own unsightly cracks or sunken patches. This amount of material could cause problems itself. The ceilings are tall; the wood is extremely hard since it’s the original old growth timber. If You Do Decide to Lay Pavers on Concrete… Finally, the project itself may just not look as good as one installed over a proper base. Thanks! Such a great job! Once our grass fills in, we expect this to become less visible. This may not be a big deal with certain applications, but in others it may be problematic. e.src = s + h; Our designs are customizable and standard, ensuring perfect fit assembly of each piece. Our walkway was pretty solid with the exception of two cracks about 1/2″ high, which we knew we could fix with proper prep. Keep this drainage slope in mind when adding your pavers, and make sure the edge that drains water stays low and permeable. For both tools, we used diamond tip blades, which are needed for cutting through concrete and stone without chipping. So impressive! Concrete pavers don't always need to be embedded in grass or resting in rock. While it's recommended that you lay a 4-to-6-inch base layer of pea gravel or sand beneath your flagstone path, do-it-yourselfers laying flagstone over cement generally skip this step. w.FlodeskObject = n; Because we laid our pavers in a diamond pattern and had big curve in our pathway, we had to make a LOT of cuts. In our case, we wanted our diamond pattern to line up evenly on both sides of the walkway, and our edge cuts to be triangles with three even sides. Use your shovel to get the sand into the concrete area and then smooth it … Installing pavers over concrete defeats some of the main benefits that you get with pavers. Sep 12, 2019 - Create an inviting entrance and warm welcome for your guests with a serene walkway. Follow the concrete’s slope when installing the pavers and make sure the edge that drains water stays low and permeable. Once all of the pavers were in place and our cuts were finished, we cleaned them off, removed the spacers, and spread polymeric sand into the joints. One viable option if you’re just looking for a veneer on your project is to install thin pavers over concrete.

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