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Becoming an Urban or Regional Planner requires a Master’s Degree from an accredited program. A Bachelor’s Degree may qualify you for entry-level positions, such as a Survey Researcher Assistant. Political Science majors study how laws and public policies are developed and their effectiveness. People may figure that you majored in political science in order to become a politician—and that’s certainly one job path that’s open to you. Campus features. A Bachelor’s Degree is a prerequisite for enrollment at most Law Schools. Academic courses in this program provide opportunities to develop the following types of skills. work terms throughout your degree, you can explore new career areas and types of employers as your career interests evolve. There are no set start dates – you can enrol at any time and register for courses right away. They review existing and potential policies to help increase their effectiveness. A Political Science Degree can prepare students for a career as a Journalist who specializes in reporting on government and politics. A Political Science Degree gives them the skills and knowledge needed to understand how laws and policies impact the public. You can add additional areas of expertise to your Political Science degree by including one or more of the areas of focus within the program. While you do not need a Law Degree to become a Legal Assistant, completing an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies can increase your employability. But there are many, many other kinds of political science jobs that are available to you that don't require you to kiss babies and shake hands. Communication:present ideas and data clearly; mediate and negotiate conflicts; public speaking; and listen critically. Apply via Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business, Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Please note the seminar is a BA requirement and can be fulfilled outside of the POLI specialization, if preferred or necessary. They frequently specialize in specific areas such as environmental policy or public health policy. Our active work toward reconciliation takes place across our campuses through research, learning, teaching, and community building, and is centralized within our Indigenous Initiatives Office. Investigate a wide range of topics, or dive deep with a specialization in Canadian Politics, Global Governance, International Relations, or Politics and Business. Politic science also lightly touches on elements at play like psychology, economics, public policy, and foreign relations. This is one of the most popular Political Science courses that students opt for after completing high school. Political Science graduates who aspire to become Public Policy Attorneys may choose to become Legal Assistants before pursuing a Law Degree. You can also include minors available to all Waterloo students. Below are some highly-rated schools with online political science degrees available as well as links to contact them for free information. Examples include Volunteer Coordinator, Scheduler, and Fundraiser. The program that you attend should also include courses in data analysis and statistics, modern political theory, and media and politics. Survey Researchers often need to summarize survey data using tables, fact sheets, or graphs. Learn how to navigate (and shape) that terrain with a Political Science degree from Waterloo. PSCI 281 – World PoliticsPSCI 369 – The Politics of DecolonizationPSCI 387 – GlobalizationPSCI 488 – Global Food and Agricultural Politics. Find out more about what is it like working as a Survey Researcher. Earning a Political Science Degree can open the doors to a variety of career opportunities. Legal Assistants help Lawyers maintain legal documents, complete research, and draft legal documents. Employers typically prefer Journalists with at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Political campaign staff help manage the candidate's social media imprint and organize events to gain exposure for candidates. Political science trains you to apply concepts and theory to real-world problems, to synthesize disparate and complex ideas, to communicate in diverse ways and to debate ideas passionately and respectfully. Now more than ever, the world needs savvy movers and shakers equipped to respond to current events. Assistants support the work of Survey Researchers by conducting research and performing administrative duties. Unlike Paralegals, Legal Assistants do not require certification or a specific degree. You should also look for internships in campaign offices and volunteer for political campaigns. Staffers use the ability of the political science major to study current political issues and assess voter reactions to a candidate's platform. Students earning a Political Science Degree may take courses in American government, political analysis, philosophy, and writing. Our main campus is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes six miles on each side of the Grand River. Our courses give you the opportunity to discover and pursue the aspect of political science that most interests you. 40% of the classes you’ll take will be Political Science courses. At least 30 of these Political Science credits must be in courses numbered 300 or above, including two required courses: POLI 380 and one 400 level POLI seminar. Requirements. Political Scientists typically require a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. Aspiring Political Scientists often earn an undergraduate degree in Political Science before enrolling in a Master’s Program. Here are just a few: Journalist (Margo Goodhand, Paul Samyn and Bruce Owen from the Winnipeg Free Press all got their Political Science degrees here at the U of W!) They may write articles for newspapers, magazines, websites, or broadcast news stations. Political Campaign Advisors are often responsible for managing the overall direction of a political campaign. They write press releases and help draft language for speeches. Many Survey Researcher positions require a Master’s Degree. Visit our COVID-19 information website to learn how Warriors protect Warriors. A Political Science education can give Legal Assistants the research and organizational skills needed to excel at this job. The study of Political Science can illuminate an important dimension of human experience and makes graduates better prepared for intelligent participation in the political community. The Political Science major offers a foundation in four fields of political science: Canadian Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Philosophy. After earning your Bachelor’s Degree, complete the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Explore power, global politics, and governance in a program ranked among the top 200 politics and international studies programs in the world (QS World University Rankings, 2019). You may also consider earning a graduate degree. internship option that combines the M.A. 1. From civil unrest in the Middle East to international trade negotiations, today’s political landscape is complex. A graduate degree in political science focuses on preparing students for academic professions, management-level positions in politics, and professions as senior analysts or consultants. Acceptable undergraduate degrees for Master’s programs include Political Science, Economics, Geography, and Environmental Design. Explore our range of programs. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is a 3-year degree program offered by various reputed colleges. Political Science studies power in all its forms. Becoming an Attorney who specializes in Public Policy requires more than just a Political Science Degree. You should also earn the 11-session lobbying certificate through the Association of Government Relations Professionals (AGRP). Political science explores the behavior, theory, and systems of local, state, national, and sometimes international politics. Investigate a wide range of topics, or dive deep with a specialization in Canadian Politics, Global Governance, International Relations, or Politics and Business. Learn how to navigate (and shape) that terrain with a Political Science degree from Waterloo. These courses are often completed during the third and fourth year of a Bachelor’s Degree with the first two years focusing on mathematics, writing, and core curriculum. They may write articles for newspapers, magazines, websites, or broadcast news stations. Journalism and Communications are common majors. Government Agencies and Political Offices, Research Institutes and Survey Organizations, Discover Your Future Career with Your Degree, What Can You Do With A Political Science Degree. Job duties may include developing and testing political theories, analyzing data from various sources, and submitting research results using presentations or published articles. However, you may still need to earn a Master’s Degree to qualify for advancement. Lobbyists often need a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science or a relevant field, such as Communications, Journalism, Economics, or Law. Sign up for insider advice that can help you now and in the future. If you want to apply your teachings early, you can choose the co-op stream and get some work experience while going through your degree. Lobbyists advocate for legislation that benefits their employers or clients. Lobbyists may need to prepare press releases, communicate with politicians, and present reports related to their employer’s causes. Journalists report on news and events happening locally, nationally, or internationally. For example, you may head a student organization. Common fields of study include Marketing, Survey Research, Statistics, and various Social Sciences, such as Political Science. A political science degree can often lead to a career in business, with banking, advertising, personnel and public relations as possible employment goals. When majoring in Political Science, students should also take courses or minor in Journalism or Communications. The well-known Greek Philosopher Aristotle defined politics as the “Queen of the Sciences". The result of this combination is a highly flexible degree, one that can help you pursue a wide range of political science jobs. Becoming a Political Campaign Advisor involves multiple steps. They spend time analyzing existing policies and proposed policies to make them more effective. Visit our Beyond Ideas website to learn about Political Science at Waterloo, the student experience, studying abroad, and more. We are committed to teaching students to learn, so that they're equipped to be engaged citizens and leaders, able to respond with others to the critical issues of our time. Advanced degrees such as Master’s/Doctorate degrees provide professional status for political science majors and a well-paying career opportunity as: Policy Analyst: Their duties involve pushing to reveal that directly or indirectly affect the public, issues such as housing, taxing, education, and getting the government/law makers to consider such matters during policy formation. For example, you can become a business administrator, sales manager or marketer. This may lead to a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA), a Master’s of Public Affairs, or a Master’s of Public Policy (MPP) Degree. By alternating school terms and paid co-op work terms throughout your degree, you can explore new career areas and types of employers as your career interests evolve. Political Scientists typically require a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. Find out more about what is it like working as a Regional Planner. Other job tasks for Urban and Regional Planners include conducting investigations to analyze the impact of land use plans, gathering data from market research, and staying current on all zoning and building codes. Contact an Arts student ambassador to learn about their experience. Graduates frequently pursue careers in policy and risk analysis, public service, research, marketing, and public relations. If you’re a political science major looking for help in paying for school, then you’re in luck! Our students have used their knowledge and skills to find employment in financial institutions, non-profits, and law firms, and many other organizations. 1. We are a dynamic, supportive and intellectually-diverse department. An Overview of Political Science. As a Public Relations Specialist, you may need to organize press conferences, write media releases, and interact with media outlets. They often work in financial institutions, non-profit organizations, law firms, and all levels of government. Survey Researchers are responsible for designing surveys and analyzing the results of the surveys. Students will not get credit for both POLI … Instead of listening to a lecture and trying to capture notes, Arts First courses will have you and your classmates working together to respond to a challenge posed by the instructor. Find out more about what is it like working as a Regional Planner. A Public Relations Specialist may work for public relations firms or government agencies. Whether you’re passionate about local politics, foreign relations, or the politicization of social issues, there is a course for you. Our scholarships database has Canadian and American scholarships that are specific to political science students, arts students in general, … Make a career counselling or an employment strategy appointment to discuss how you can demonstrate these skills to employers. However, you still typically need a Bachelor’s Degree. With a Political Science education, they have a better understanding of public opinion, which can help businesses and agencies maintain a better public image. Many PR Agencies offer entry-level positions for those with limited work experience. Find out more about what is it like working as a Policy Scientist. Popular areas of focus for Political Science students include International Studies and Politics and Business. Many Survey Researcher positions require a Master’s Degree, Employers typically prefer Journalists with at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Employers may hire candidates with no legal experience. The Political Science department offers two exciting paths to pursue graduate work: an M.A. Completion Requirements: Political Science Major (ASMAJ2015) The Major Program in Political Science is designed for students who wish to obtain a coherent background in Political Science, but who do not wish to take a Specialist Program in this subject. However, a Political Science Degree is also applicable, especially when working for a PR Agency with political figures as clients. This should prepare you for an entry-level job working for the Federal government. degree. You’ll also get an insiders’ perspective, studying with top scholars involved in current international policy debates. They often work with political figures or lobbying firms to draft and edit the language for legislation or policies. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a prominent US political figure who has filled multiple roles including presidential nominee, former US Secretary of State, former Senator and former First Lady of the United States. Students can apply for the Political Science Major program after completing the following 14 lower division Political Science units with minimum C grades: one of and all of Learn about the future of careers in arts, humanities, social sciences, languages, and creative arts. Urban and Regional Planners help develop land use plans and programs aimed at helping local communities. Monthly topics include how to choose a university program, what it's like to be a Waterloo student, and more. With your remaining classes, you can choose electives from many of the 100 subject areas at Waterloo. The degrees on this page offer a wide variety of degree focuses, including international relations, military studies, and public affairs. Separate degree granting programs in international relations and public policy are not uncommon at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Along with a college education, you may need to complete a lobbying internship. degree, which can generally be completed in one calendar year (September to September) through the completion of courses and either a major research paper or a master's thesis; and the M.A. The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is an online 4-year degree program. You also need at least several years of campaign experience. She graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in political science. They typically work on behalf of private or public organizations such as nonprofits or specific industry organizations. Policy Analysts may work for government agencies, nonprofits, or businesses. A Political Science program should include classes that cover the role of lobbying in the political system. This job involves meeting with public officials and developers, administering government plans, and reviewing site plans submitted by developers. Policy Analysts research and review laws to help shape public policies. A political science major is an undergraduate degree focused on the study of government. Students of an online political science degree program will study the history, development, and operation of policies and systems. prefer to hire Public Relations Specialists with at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Political Scientists share many duties with Policy Analysts. Find out more about what is it like working as a Public Relations Specialist. Internship opportunities are typically available during college and provide the chance to network with lobbyists and politicians while gaining work experience. Your skills in analysis and your interpersonal abilities prepare you for work as an events planner, executive search consultant or strategic planning consultant. A Political Campaign Advisor or Political Campaign Manager works on political campaigns to help promote a specific candidate. Find out more about what is it like working as a Legal Assistant. A political science major is a social science degree path that requires students to study government in theory and practice. Political Science (POLS) ... A maximum of 2.00 credits at the 4000 level may be counted towards a major in Political Science. Either way, you’ll hone your analytical, writing, critical thinking, and research skills in a mix of lectures, seminars, and workshops. A Master’s Degree in Political Management can increase your career prospects in this field. You can select a Major, Minor, or Honours degree in Political Science, or Combined Majors with Economics and Philosophy. Additional courses in Multimedia Design, and Programming are also recommended due to the increased use of modern technologies. Save job. We strive for excellence in teaching, research, graduate education and public outreach. Find out more about what is it like working as a Policy Scientist. During college, you should complete an internship to gain work experience. The median pay is above $100,000 and the top 10% can expect to make over $181,060, making the career one of the best political science major jobs. "Those with a master's degree may not receive a degree in political science per se, but rather in an applied field like public administration or public policy. Attorneys who work for governmental agencies often have a Political Science background and specialize in assisting with Public Policy.

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