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(Screenshot by @pottsey) If you want a Carrier theme build I have managed to get an 3 battleships and 3 Frigates out at once doing a surprising amount of DPS and they last a long time. Yup, they are indeed worse: https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/comments/gky9y2/psa_elite_lost_souls_of_grethor_performs_worse/. Archive Ran Online Episode 10 - 9 Class with very unique skills 247 to 297 (Modified by : Sho) - Max Level 300 - Max Upgrade +15 - No Reborn - Semi Attack Speed Gameplay - Semi Regen - Hunt Based - No Max RV - Auto Pilot - Auto Follow - High Rate : Exp - Medium Rate : Gold - Medium Rate : Items Physical classes just get a mere 235 (IB half of the time) extra attack plus the occasional Wall of Protection where hitting everybody can be tricky and it almost always results in dps loss for the SM itself. Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in the lively, fantasy open world of Nuanor. DPS Comparison of various hangar pets including Squads VS Singles Further expanding on this Obedience is Victory. As before you don’t need an energy weapon fitted to trigger this trait and due to global cooldown it works out better to fit FaW alongside Scatter Volley so you can keep SAD running 100% of the time. Subject: Re: best skill build for archer ang stat build Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:49 pm may limit nmn evasion pre.. yn pagkakaalam q.. as i said depende sau.. bka yng build n gus2 nmin e hnd m typ Intel Pentium 3 @ 500 MHz / AMD Athlon 600 MHz. Play them all and pick the one you like the most to main. This Gameplay is Based on RAN Online PH Wayback yr.2010. We would like to work again with DPS team if needed in future. Yep, AT is very strong, but as i said, on equal gear and skill it cannot be top 5. * The 3 part Iconian Resistance set has 5% chance to give team and pets 10% energy weapon damage. With the above build the Elite Stalker Fighter Squadrons and To’Duj Squadrons are massively beating previous top hangar pets like Droneships. S (Top Tier) Subtlety Rogue. If you use energy weapons Option 2 is better. Advisable Lvl 2 reset = 160 (For Crono buff) REQUIREMENTS: OBLI E 2 Alloy rings 2 Jade Rings 2 Silver Rings Beidas Necklace Hunter Alloy Bow (2nd element +5 pow) Hunter Bow (2nd element +5 dex) Competition Bow (2nd element +5 int) ENHANCED SET (+20 dex total) DEX SKILLS. Personally I haven't met a good AT yet but that's probably because I'm not doing too much endgame outside of my premade-bubble. sounds very simple! User Info: dead_or_alive28. I have ran 17 runs Markarna this week alone and the only class that was able to outdmg me was the aethertech and not just by a little but by one or two million with 12min left. Is there a specialty tree that is favorable for pets? Processor. modules should be remain more or less the same. Bridge Officer Powers: (Rank doesn’t matter) Tactical team + FaW + Rapid Fire + Engineering Team + Photonic Officer + EptW + Gravity Well(*) All pets gain an Immunity Shield for 15 seconds. Player Variables: Skill, latency, gear, a lucky string of crits, etc. Burning SoulWorker. Originally Posted by Il1dan. Anyway, AT should be n1 anyway, this class was already hilarious dps wise but with 6.5 it is the only magic class that also got an entire skill dmg boost. Also spotted a few minor improvements to make to the guide. Based on my recent testing Elite Stalker Fighter Squadrons are coming out as top DPS for Feds causing me to swap to a Fleet Caitlin Carrier and top for KDF are Rare To’Duj Squadrons. This article, written by Kib, will provide details on the current state of Havoc DH in Shadowlands, … This gives a smaller damage boost 13.3% to pets but you can keep the damage boost active for longer. If it still works, then it would definitely be worth mentioning as a budget way to protect your ships. MAIN EVENT. Vargz 12 years ago #3. Which classes are weak? Defensive Coordination: +20% Defence and Damage Resistance Rating for Hangar pets. Reply. And good to know about the Elite Stalkers. Gajak so you heard that u need to donate. nope, i promised not to share sorry. What do you think about the current dps ? Both are similar and have the same class mechanics, pick whichever one you like the looks of more/what side you'd rather be on. Check here the minimum and recommended System Requirements to run RAN Online with no technical problems and test if you can run it. If you stack into into Exotic and fly point blank range into a Gravity Well the Fire Nova damage can multiply up fast in big groups. Update: 27 Sep 2020: For clarity while I have a preference for Beam Overload and the corresponding traits in approx. The above method with Frigate pets makes them surprising tough tanks. Starship trait: Relaunch and Repair:  The 5% recharge on captain abilities is effectively 10% every 5 seconds with double bays on a fast bay recharge. Elite Scorpions and Elite Jem’Hardar do suffer from the DPS drop making them worse then the basic rare blue versions. Did they nerf that or is it a hidden buff now? Память у меня хорошая. 3. Up to 5 nearby allies launch a torpedo at the target when you use any Torpedo or Command bridge officer ability. Starship Trait set option 2: Scrabbled Fighters + Superior Area Denial 2)Can a Fury Warrior give more DPS using Titan Grips than a Arms spec (didn’t try it because I don’t have 2 decent weapons)? For KDF To’Duj I have not had chance to compare Basic against Elite but other Carrier pilots have told me Elites are worse and basic blue are best. This works best on Exotic builds as the Fire nova damage is boosted by Exotic. 25.794.018,[Hunter 23.612.486,[Gunner 18.434.863,[Chanter A friend asked me to test the squadron pets before buying the pack so I did. World of Logs combat log analyzer allows gamers to save, share and analyze their raiding experiences conveniently and thoroughly in the Blizzard MMO World of Warcraft.If you're new here, make sure you check out the tour for a 1 minute introduction. 230 max level 207 max skill in game registration (*) Elite Stalkers do not suffer from the DPS drop that other Elite pets have. This list may need to be reordered more appropriately later. You could add Dampen Energy Signatures starship trait for a further 5% if your really want to maximise pet damage over max DPS. TBH how high the number is shouldn't factor in, accuracy when comparing players is what should factor in as well as reliability of long term updates to maintain it. Ran Online PH : MAX. Order will be outnumbered but will have much quicker queue times. Ground kits with as much Kit Performance as possible are the best ones atm. 95% of cases Scrabbled Fighters and Superior Area of Denial gave far better performance. Elite Scorpions do perform very well under SAD but the article is unclear. L'Encyclopédie du Gamer : Encore une fois, la Coca-Cola zero Gaming Zone vient à votre rescousse. Really misleading and this is the kind of #$%^ you shouldn't see for these kinds of articles. all you need is a big target to put it on (Gate, taccube, other dreads) and get the party started . But, well - can´t say Glad is mediocre now dps wise, just not sure if best or among best xd, Atleast It feels kinda easy now to do decent dps with Glad now and every new gear part or enchantment you recognize a lot more in DPS Meter or via aggro meter^^. The Jem’Hadar Vanguard Carrrier also has 2 wingmen. doff work with base cdr… i have same. Currently, I’m hitting up option 1 as it’s just easier to break into pets that way. Combine this on a Carrier with Quick Deployment Starship Mastery for an extra 20% and high Aux power if you can spare it to knock more time off. Coordination Protocols: +20% Hull Capacity and Shield Capacity for Hangar pets. If you don't believe in Jesus Christ and are 100% proud of it, put this as your signature. User Info: Yuseke111. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. 2. Double Scatter Volley or Double FaW will run into global cooldown problems. if we talk about doing the most dps ? This is a complete list of the maps in RAN Online as of Dec. 2013 in the order that they appear on the map list. Depending on ISE run I get around 20k to 30k extra DPS from these pets. Not that far behind are (*) Scorpion Squadrons followed by Jem’Hadar fighter Squadrons . dead_or_alive28 12 years ago #1. By saying "heard" but having the 'fixed' version means that u didn't donate but somehow got it. Update: 27th Sep 2020 They are only good as a distraction for NPC’s to kill. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. That doesn’t look intended somehow . Its a good way to get a feel for the build before investing in more expensive options. 7.767.690,[Cleric 1.760.247, Boss healed once but didnt bugged we all used luna and had 2.5min left, its a beta release and some ppl got it for testing, should be released in 1-2 weeks. Btw in the 6 man run I posted I was the random so i dont think the other guys were so shitty geared when they are searching for 6man and i dont think a little bit of gear can be the explanation for a 5-10mill dmg difference. on cool down. 4. I have x3 Xindi Consoles, Swarmer Matrix, Elite Pets, Scrabbled Fighters, Wing Commander and Superior Area Denial for damage. Starship Trait: Target That Explosion Fun but not really that effective from a DPS point of view. Ran ZW Online is a community of Ran Online gamers from Z4PNU & WEIGI supporters. If anyone has tested please leave comments in chat below. I'm also a bit skeptical on Ricochet Throw for single-target after they nerfed the tap dps to be closer to that of other blast's (AoE/chaining obv a diff story). I have 100-125 aux and 3x doffs on cdr. Running at approx 110 Aux with Lost Souls of Gre’thor the fastest launch speeds pets, will gain a 125% damage bonus. Typhoon is technically Wind's best per-target dps attack, though I'm not sure its quite high enough dps to qualify. chaos ran online. Ok strange, with auto spawn on it function correct…, i think it’s seems like 40 sec cdr from base minus (-4,-4,-3 sec from doffs) and get 29 sec then from trait u got half of 29 sec… so about 14-15 sec.

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