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Use your opens in a new window) account to sign in. Instead of navigating to another Tableau dashboard with a URL action, you can also open any other web page. neighborhood. Here's how you set this up. The key differences (i.e. © 2003-2020 Tableau Software LLC. A dashboard action is an interactive element on a Tableau dashboard that is driven from the worksheets within that dashboard. the houses sold, then opens an external web page showing census data for the Tableau Community Log in to community forum. Dashboard actions should add to the user experience, not detract from it. For example to get a nice picture of Cairo to replace the Wikipedia page above, I can find one on the internet, say on Wikipeda..., right click on the image and copy the URL. That last use case, showing NBA players images, was pretty cool so I'm going to continue with it. After clicking anything on a viz which should trigger a dashboard action causes the following to appear: To enter field variables in the name, click the arrow to the right of the Name box. Dashboard actions that conflict or do contradictory things will be very confusing, and  just because you can add in loads of interactive functionality doesn't mean you should. Bit of a pain this one and something I hope is fixed in later releases. In the viz below I have provided dashboards that demonstrate each of these options on the same two charts, in each case filtering from the line chart to the bar chart. Specify the fields to use for highlighting. Take the dashboard below, showing coffee sales by state (from data source), and superstore sales by state and city (from another data source). Go to Sheet. It can also be a bit limiting to the functionality you can implement. The only other consideration with this is how the action is triggered. There is a very good use for Web Objects and URL actions in Tableau dashboards, and that is to show images. Tableau Desktop; Tableau Server; Filter Actions; Filters; Answer Option 1: Press [Esc] Press the [Esc] key to reset Filter Actions (this option will not work for filters). Specify the source and target sheets to apply the highlight action to. Please try again. Open an external web page in a browser or in a Web Page object on a dashboard. So you can use a highlight action instead, but what if you add a highlight filter and select two players, which is which? one view to filter data in another to help guide analysis. Note also that the text in that hyperlink text is the same as the name you give the action: One use for this I like to use is to jump to Google Streetview based on latitude and longitude data e.g. So now I always try to build my actions from scratch to get exactly the behaviour I want. Easy right? If a magnifying glass with plus sign appears, its not going to fit. In the Actions dialog box, click Add Action and then select Go to URL. There are 5 different hover driven dashboard actions built into this single viz, can you find them all? And we want to allow the user to select a state in the left hand view to filter the state in the right hand view. Here's how you use the different types of actions: Filter. Tableau Public is free software that can allow anyone to connect to a spreadsheet or file and create interactive data visualizations for the web.,&cbp=12,20.09,,0,5&layer=c. How to Use Tableau Parameter Dashboard Actions. Cause Tableau Server and Tableau Public handle action filters differently. :linktarget=_self&:embed=yes to the end … Pretty neat! Tableau action is a dashboard action which is an interactive element on a Tableau dashboard that is driven from within the worksheet. BUT Tableau Server does not auto-resize the image, and so you will be left with an ill fitting picture that requires scrolling, like this: An easy way to spot if this will happen is to, when in Tableau Desktop, hover over the image. How to reset Filter Actions and/or filters on a dashboard to include all values with one click. You can specify different types of actions to run on the same click (for example, filter and highlight). English. Remember how I said in Use Case 5 that usually full web pages look crap inside dashboards? Any sure? On a dashboard, select Dashboard > Actions. For example if you have a quick filter on the target dashboard, be warned that quick filter is not going to reflect the selection you made with the dashboard to dashboard action. Environment. One final note. At first nothing will look like it has changed. Some sheets you may want to filter, others to highlight and others still to show images, text or tables. For example, in a dashboard showing home sales by neighborhood, And hey presto! On a worksheet, select Worksheet > Actions. Tableau themselves provide a good run down of how to build in Dashboard Actions here There are three types of dashboard action: Embed YouTube Videos in a Dashboard. Environment Tableau Server Resolution Option 1: Before Publishing. This can often be achieved by placing the field into 'Detail' on the marks card. When your users select a region in the map, the data in the other views is filtered so that it relates to just that region. Opportunities in Opportunity Zones - St. Louis. Hover and click around and you will soon get a feeling for how these actions operate: This one is my personal favourite, as seen in a whole bunch of my Tableau Public vizes like. Tableau Public can be used to open local workbooks or workbooks on Tableau Public. Go to URL. Users interact with your visualizations by selecting marks, or hovering, or clicking a menu, and the actions you set up can respond with navigation and changes in the view. As you probably can tell by now, I really enjoying building data visualisations in Tableau. Choose the type of action you want to add. One is to create a datasource which includes the full URL for an image in the data source. Again, here's some NBA data with this action in play. Add additional actions to the dashboard. Here's how you do it: First off, create a dashboard including a table, here's a simple one showing customer numbers by region and segment in a treemap, and then customer details in a table: Add in a filter dashboard action that looks like this, note the selection under 'Clearing the selection will'. Still, using a public tool and connecting to a public website can present a data privacy issue. Well thankfully there is another option if you do want to link to a web page. Call attention to marks of interest by coloring specific marks and dimming all others. Something like this: Then bring that into the second dashboard and add a basic dashboard action, based on the field you filtered on, like so: Because that field (in this case Team) doesn't exist in the 'show all' sheet, clicking the dashboard action will clear the filter, and any further clicks will have no effect. The (generated) lets you know it was created by clicking 'Use As Filter'. Text that changes to go along with your image:, This works really well if you know a set of image URLs will follow the same format. limited data sources (Excel, Access & text files only) limited number of rows (10m I think) limited to how you share (i.e. The last thing I'm going to talk about is using multiple actions in the same viz. 2. In almost all cases you will want to use 'Run Action on Menu'. Of these three Dashboard Actions have become my favourite as they are probably the most flexible and offer the most immersive experience. I use that one a lot, for example to highlight the locations here. Ok so we've gone over a load of different action types and shown what can be done with them. No dashboard actions are working within Tableau public and haven't been for about 3 days now. Choose 'Dashboard'->'Actions'->'Add Action'->'Filter'->'Selected Fields'->'Add Filter' and start picking fields. This is accomplished in three primary ways: Quick Filters, Parameters and Dashboard Actions. And 'Clearing the selection will' options Leave the Filter and Exclude All Values. But remember that the fields have to be in the view to be available to use as filters! We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.  - Filter It will probably take a long time to load via Tableau Server and people are going to get bored waiting for it. ... Quick reminder that all the workbooks used in this blog are available for download on my Tableau Public page: Fun with Parameter Actions… Highlight. This will speed up the load time dramatically, especially on big data sources. 1) A static web-page or 2) a web-page that will change, driven by a dashboard URL action. Its unfortunately not possible to add a quick filter from one data source that works on the different but blended data source. 1. Often times its best to keep things simple. Say you have the following dashboard with a bar chart and a scatter plot (I'm sticking with my NBA data here). Whether for this blog or for work, I strive to build dashboards that people will be able to use to explore the data at their own pace and discover their own insights. Its not completely exhaustive, and its not particularly technical,  but if you are fairly new to Tableau, or even an experienced user, I hope you will find it a useful guide. Change Parameter. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant ads on other sites. Tableau Desktop Tableau Public; Pricing: Personal Edition - $35 per month Professional Edition - $70 per month : Free and Open Source : Data Source Connection If you are going to build in a field filter along with the dashboard switch, be careful as it can lead to some user confusion. If you click on the treemap, it will filter as per normal. Go to Sheet. Things get a bit squished and there are inevitable scroll bars. I often utilise this functionality to offer users the option of moving from a chart heavy dashboard to a table based view which they may want to review in detail or export. Helping create the next generation of great data analysts as Head Coach at The Information Lab Data School. Pretty simple to execute, just click the drop down menu option within one of the worksheets, like this below. As a side note, if you publish this to tableau public, each time you click and the action takes place, your browser will create a new tab for the next dashboard, so you lose your sense of Hierarchy/flow. One example of this restriction is Quick Filters. Data blending can be pretty cool, its a great way of bringing together disparate data sources and data types in Tableau without the need for any additional software or ETL work. Data-driven story telling Using dashboards to tell a story can create impact and evoke emotion, helping to move people, and make decisions. So here's my rough guide to Tableau Dashboard Actions. For related information and examples, see A Rough Guide to Dashboard Actions(Link opens in a new window) on the Tableau Public blog. Well, by using Actions in Tableau, you bring interactivity to your data.  - URL. Tableau Public is close in functionality to Tableau Desktop, and workbooks can be saved locally (see below for tips). Editor's Note: This is a repost of an article by Peter Gilks on his blog, Paint by Numbers. Call attention to marks of interest by coloring specific marks and dimming all others. We will now learn about some Actions, Selecting a neighborhood in one view can trigger an action that highlights the related houses in a map view, filters a list of Use the data from one view to filter data in another to help guide analysis. As mentioned in the introduction, parameters are values used within calculated fields that can be controlled by a dashboard user. Be it a dashboard or worksheet, users are redirected to specific Actions that you set up by merely hovering or clicking in your viz. Tableau is brilliant software, but we will not be able to engage others in our work if each viz keeps crashing when trying to use it. for a selected neighborhood. The other is by building in interactive features into the dashboard that people can play with to start changing the views of the data. Note: Give the action a descriptive name, because in tooltip menus the link reflects that name, not the URL. Now here's the important bit. It gives the dashboard interactivity. Additional Information In August 2009, I launched, which provides examples of data viz best practices, methods for improving existing work, and tips and tricks with Tableau. A perfect example of this is when we click the box below it will filter the viz below it. Having said that, check out the viz below. There was an error submitting your feedback. Tableau Public Log in to Tableau Public. Submitted by adidas skor rea on Wed, 2016-04-27 06:32. excellent points altogether, you just won a brand new reader. Tableau Online, Tableau Server, or Tableau Public location), add a URL dashboard action to the menu sheet. Tableau eLearning Log in to eLearning for Creator. URL Actions open a new browser tab or window instead of opening inside the current tab or window. I discovered whilst putting this blog post together that the Safari web browser works way better with actions and images in Tableau Public than Google Chrome does. You can perform the same … All rights reserved, Applies to: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Server. For more information, see Keyboard Shortcuts. So resize your Web Object until no magnifying glass appears on hover. But if the field names are different it won't work, so you NEED to use 'Selected Fields' AND make sure you are pointing to the OTHER data source: Now this is great, but the downside is that most of the time, whole web pages look pretty crappy inside dashboards. Create hyperlinks to external resources, such as a web page, file, or another Tableau worksheet. Create a new sheet that includes just player names. And you want to click on a player on the bar chart to see where they appear on the scatter plot: Well what you don't want to do is just add a filter, or this happens! These cookies may be set through our site by our advertising partners. Additionally, filter actions or Go to Sheet may not show up on the tooltip when hovering or clicking a mark on the view. Version 2019.2 of Tableau brings us this incredible new feature and I’m very excited about it. One way I attempt to do this is by using, what I hope is, engaging visual design. But be careful. By clicking 'Use as Filter' you have created a dashboard action, which can now be seen in the list of actions: Note what's being shown here. Simplify navigation to other worksheets, dashboards, or stories. Well you can create a dashboard action to do that by using 'Selected Fields'. Merging levels of detail. In Tableau Desktop, edit the URL Action and add ? To do that, create a new work sheet which includes a single field, a calculated field that contains only text. IMPORTANT NOTE: These actions don't mix well with actions driving URLs with web page objects. If parameters and/or dashboard actions are new to you, I recommend reviewing the related posts, An Introduction to Parameters in Tableau and Practical Tableau: 3 Creative Ways to Use Dashboard Actions. Log in to eLearning for Explorer. your data using actions. 7. First the name of the action is Filter 1 (generated). What might you suggest about your submit that you just made a few days ago? Tableau Public Resolution After publishing the workbook to Tableau Public, Navigate to the workbook and click "Edit Details" Select "Show Sheets as Tabs". This can be really powerful when you are designing for interactivity. Go to URL. Now when you select some marks on that bar chart, the respective names show up on the scatter plot. Add context and interactivity to Head Coach - The Information Lab Data School • Tableau Zen Master Hall of Fame Tableau user since April 11, 2007. This one is super simple, you create a URL action, but you don't include a Web Page object in the dashboard. Change Shape & Add Label. Here's how you can set that up quickly - drop Player into Rows, drop it again into Text, un-show the header, delete the tooltip and get rid of shading and borders in formatting: Then drop this new sheet into the dashboard in a small container, hide the title, format it to center align and get your font the right size, and set up a filter action that looks like this: And you can of course do this multiple times to include different pieces of information in the text. Notice how when seen through server, the menu option is actually a hyperlink that pops up when you hover over a point to reveal the tooltip. Here's the use case for this one: You have a dashboard that includes a table, which you want there to be able to show some detail to users upon a filter choice. Dashboard actions can also be used to move between dashboards, either filtering data on the way, or simply moving from one to the next. Custom Dropdown with Parameter Actions & Show/Hide Container November 16, 2019 Lindsey Poulter In my 2019 Tableau Iron Viz entry, I wanted the end user to be able to select a brand to… But what if you wanted to filter the bar chart only by Department, and keep showing all Years? Say you are making a Tableau dashboard for a retail or consumer goods company, wouldn't it be useful for the people using the dashboard to be able to see the objects they are reviewing the sales of? This video provides an overview of how to use set actions in Tableau. Data is blended on State = State or Province.,&cbp=12,20.09,,0,5&layer=c. You can use as many actions as you want, and have different types of actions that are all driven from the same sheet. How to action filter when using set/parameter action drill-downs in Tableau I really like set and parameter action drill-downs on a dashboard – when used well, they can help to add granularity to the data specific – user-selected – categories, where adding all of the data would overwhelm and dilute the original message. What are the other options presented in the filter action dialog box? On the view's shortcut menu, choose Use as Filter. You can then add this to a datasource (say an Excel file), either the main data source or a look up table you can blend on. But, have no fear! In the next dialog box, enter a name for the action.  - Highlight Learn how to use parameter actions to change the value of a parameter by interacting with a viz. So the thing to do is to have that table empty at first, and then to show the detail only when a filter choice is made. Create hyperlinks to external resources, such as a web page, file, or another Tableau worksheet. There is a drop down that lets you pick the dashboard you are going to switch to (I chose 'Player Detail'). So its important to note that the fields you use to drive the URL don't have to be in the view, BUT they do have to be 'in play'. Here's what you do. Highlight. Well in the example above there are two fields in play in the line chart, Year of Order Date is one and Department is the other. Now if I click on one of the lines, it will filter the bar chart by Department only, and all Years will still be shown: When I was new to using Tableau I just clicked 'Use as Filter' all the time, but that doesn't allow you the full flexibility you might need to provide your users with the most useful views. Watch a Video: To see related concepts demonstrated in Tableau, watch the free training video Dashboard Interactivity Using Actions(Link opens in a new window) (5:43 minutes). Actions (Tableau Desktop only) Highlight data based on criteria that you define. The most important thing is to give the dashboard action a descriptive name that will tell the end user what they can expect to happen when clicking the link. But when you click on the treemap in the same place again, clearing the selection, the table will clear completely and look like this: See how there's nothing in the bottom segment? Let users change parameter values by directly interacting with marks on a viz. This is a pretty neat trick. One way to get around this is to offer your users a 'show all' button they can hit to drop the existing action filter. For example check out this URL from the NBA website. English; Deutsch; English (UK) Español; Français; Português; One of the objects you can add to a Tableau dashboard is the 'Web Page', as seen here: Adding a web-object allows you to embed one of two things in your dashboard. This is pretty straight forward if you want to use one worksheet to filter one or more other worksheets on the same dashboard. This was the first time that I realized you could add additional functionality to Tableau even if said functionality is not supported out of the box. Well you can use a dataset with the fields First_Name and Last_Name to automate this change as a Tableau action with a URL that looks like this: One thing to note here is that the fields and are not displayed in the bar chart view, instead the full name in a single field is shown.

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