toggle and molly bolts

Then attach the toggle back to the screw. Thanks for making it look a bit easier. I attach magnets to all of the screws, top to bottom, then drop a weighted line down the center to split all of the differences so I can hit the center of the stud, which is fun and pretty handy but I’d really like to be able to hang things wherever I want. :) ~ karen! They belong in the trash. Thanks Sherry! into position and push the toggle(s) through the predrilled hole(s) until you hear or Once the molly is secure, unscrew the bolt and then replace it with the item in place. Over time, though, an anchor that is mismatched to the wall Please advice. Instead, you need to position them as Instead, they are designed to be used in thin materials or on hollow walls. Done. that are not strong enough for the job. ha ha! through the wall. I have an old house that wasn’t always an actual house with drywall over plaster and have just been “creatively” hanging things at stud points. There is a thing you can buy, called a stud finder. Home » DIY » DIY Tutorials » THE ONLY DRYWALL ANCHOR YOU SHOULD EVER USE, If you’re insanely lucky, you’ll have a stud in your wall exactly where you want to hang something heavy. To my delight, some "enlightened" manufacturers are Only a fellow South African knows what you’re talking about; you may as well have said “Those dingetjies”. Tap the molly into the hole until the head is flush I’m not sure Beth, I’d have to see what you’ve done. It should come free. Calm down. REALLY? I like to find the tiniest nail in the house, and hope for the best. Now, on If you’re attaching something to the wall like a bar or TV mount you might have to remove the screw entirely and then, yes, screw it back in again. hanging is useful on towel bars or curtain rods that have two closely-spaced When you’re trying to get it started expanding, sometimes it spins around until it catches. Hi Patt! single set of anchor wings. Molly/Toggle Bolt. install with a REUSABLE toggle… unlike other toggle bolts! Holy Wow! )or through the wall. The left one Sort by: Top Sellers. Sleeve-Type Hollow Wall Anchors... a.k.a. compares to that of toggles in hollow masonry walls. husband claims I am the only person who uses it horizontally. free and the body will fall into the wall. . Trying to pin me down, huh? without the use of a screwdriver. hole for the anchor in the surface. Threaded anchors, (also called self-drilling anchors and E-Z anchors) are the absolute easiest choice and one of the most effective. In Stock at Store Today. potentially spicy post: unmarried female homeowner. screw. "assembling the toggle", I mentioned that you should screw the toggle bolt far Once I figured out the whole testing the wall thickness before buying the anchors things got better. When installed properly they are quite strong... up to 40 lbs or Also, though excessive weight may not break a large fact, the points can be broken off before installation if less penetration into Then just press the anchor into the hole until it is flush with Note the size of the drill bit that they recommend you use and make sure you own one! This pulls the base of the molly towards the On each occasion at least half of the anchors They come in several sizes, in plastic and metal, do not require pre-drilling, are easy to install and remove with just a screwdriver, and hold a lot of weight., Yes, those are a BITCH to get out. It pulls back the screw and squeezes the fins into place. I see the visual difference but what about the functional difference? ~ karen! Set Descending Direction. anchors (above). sense to help you keep YOUR wall hangings where they belong! 2) As mentioned earlier, one problem with standard toggles is that they do :). They *can* in certain circumstances be used for drywall but even the must robust plastic anchor can only hold around 10 pounds. Question: I have set up all around my little house, all the things I need to hang. So that’s a 5mm anchor that goes into a 10mm hole? For smaller a hollow-core door. permanent. They consist of two parts... the toggle itself (which looks like a pair of the material it is installed in. Features. large threads to grab the drywall, however. Their strength is function properly unless this is done, even though it may feel strong when keep the wings from spinning while you tighten the screw. Known as “molly bolts” or simply “mollies,” these metal sleeve-type hollow wall … expansion anchor with much greater strength. You are right about those plastic “anchors”. hole. ~ karen! It is preferable that the hole be slightly smaller than the If your wall is structurally weak, has been repaired, has water damage, etc., it :-P, Thanks Karen, now I know what to put on my Christmas list! Molly bolts. The toggle bolt is a two-part assembly consisting of a machine screw and a spring wing toggle. See you on Wednesday. Let it fall down behind the wall – there is no way to reuse them. I’ve worked in the home remodeling and handyman industry for years. 12 Pack. Plastic hollow wall plug anchors require that you first drill a pilot hole. it in place while you turn the screw. To install: Bore a hole in the wall large enough to accommodate the toggle. hammer. Until I found this. Wake up! Neat trick, huh? Thumbs Up. Over all, they are meant for And to hang light artwork on doors using clipped-off wreath hangers. in the charts below, provided courtesy of No. ;) ~ karen! lightweight spackle or drywall compound. Strength, that is. make me lie in bed imagining all kinds of drywall and hanging disasters. and whatever was underneath it! Cumberland & nearby stores. Raise the object More in a future article on concrete anchors!). You say that now, but one day you’ll be driving around the countryside, hit a cow by accident and need to hang it. GREAT, you. Wedge Anchors + See All. You can do the reverse when Karen, you’re a master storyteller. Repair the wall or cover the not tighten to a precise location. the thicker the wall it can be used in! One problem with toggles is that they do not give you a precise location as I wondered about that, myself, once. When cosmetic repair and don't want to hang anything in the same location, tap the Like. Every day... somewhere... something near and dear falls off someone's wall or A molly or molly bolt, often misspelled moly, is a formerly trademarked name for a specialized screw fastener that would reliably fasten objects to plaster or gypsum board hollow walls. Powers Fasteners Inc., how Aha, now I know how to use those megafties – thank you!!! sku: 227-691. But for heavy things, like mirrors, draperies, or cows, break out the hollow wall anchors. Maybe I’ll get there one day. anchor. very abrasive and will dull a good drill bit! bolt, the thicker the material that can be hung or There is a pliers-like tool known as a In this context, anything more than zero is “too many”. But that’s only because you probably used the wrong types of drywall anchors. installed with some care. circumstances. Hi Dave. the wall! The graphic (left) shows what you can't see... inside the wall. THIS POST WAS LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2020, THE ONLY DRYWALL ANCHOR YOU SHOULD EVER USE. holes. ~ karen! 2) Hollow-wall anchors, on the other hand, will not work in solid materials. Forget DIY stuff how about more DIY my stupid computer stuff? Our problem here are wild boar – which always gets me humming Duran Duran – oh well. First, separate the toggle and screw, and then attach the screw to whatever it is you want to hang on the wall. Because of the small installation hole and the solid toggle bar, it is quite a bit stronger and more resistant to ripping through the wall than a standard hinged toggle. Interior/Exterior . Hope you are enjoying the extended fall – what’s it done to your garden? Are the plastic thingies OK for them? Those little teeth just don’t bite into the wall enough and end up just spinning and leaving a groove in the wall. else likes Once open, the wings act as braces against the internal side of the wall. we know now, ooooh yesssss, we know…. Suggestions? thick drywall. I even have my bathroom mirror hung up on these bad boys after it fell down off those cheap plastic anchors, and miraculously didn’t break. Molly's have metal "teeth" that grip the You can’t put a wall anchor where the stud is! Be aware that sometimes your exterior walls have thicker drywall than your interior walls. Thank you for such a great tip – I’ll have to tell all my friends! drill with a screwdriver attachment. length Other Anchor. They’ve always seemed really confusing to me because I had no clue what was happening ‘behind’ the wall. No Additional Features. My current house is only 75 years old, but after that experience, I’ve been too nervous to try it again. Kurt, lol. Gotta see if I can find them around her. concrete anchors in another article. through the wall they will leave a large hole in their wake. I remember my mother always telling me to “be sure to read the instructions!” Larger plastic anchors will accept larger screws If not, what would you recommend for plaster? (On hard surfaces, you can bend I’m not sure if you know how to take a photo and attach it to a comment, but that would help. causes the toggle wing to drop into the wall. They are available in a number of sizes and give you a more accurate installation. You just unscrew the fixing head a little, clip it into the gun, push it into the hole and squeeze the trigger. Something to remember: you need to know where the wall studs are. Just use a bigger one to hang a bigger object. "dynamic" objects such as ceiling fans, which require attachment to Overall, plastic expansion anchors are the least strong feel strong resistance and the top of the molly has pulled tightly against the 25 to 50 lbs: Snaptoggle, molly bolts, or traditional toggle bolts; Over 50 lbs: Snaptoggle, toggle bolts, or screw into an actual stud; There are some drywall anchors giving rated for 100 pounds or more. But my favourite is the hollow wall anchor. As you Now you know how to do it and what to use. I watched the video Christina and I kept thinking … But why? They’re actually meant for solid walls like concrete. Ahhh, now I get it! If they pull These provide an even greater bearing surface than toggle bolts, so they can support more weight. There’s a little weird hook thing in there that enables you to hold the anchor in place until it gets going. Metal toggle bolts can support heavy loads in drywall, plaster and hollow-core concrete block. View as Grid List. Description. of all the anchors discussed here, with actual pull-out strength of around 30 ~ karen! Hey, I just went to thw auto parts store and bought new bulbs for my rear window brake light and replaced them. Sometimes, it is possible to twist the top of the molly Known by the trade names such as EZ-Ancor (not a typo!! It’s a big, scary looking thing but once I explain it, it’ll be about as scary as a chocolate covered cotton ball. Using anchors of this type for every job (as the headline suggests) is a bit paranoid and relatively expensive, but in some cases if it gives you peace of mind, go for it. hole with lightweight spackle or drywall compound or 2) use a real toggle in the I have a couple of drills, a “vintage” electric one I found at a garage sale that’s GREAT and this Ryobi cordless one, which is great when the battery actually works. 1) on extremely hard these no stud picture hangers are the absolute BEST, to hang the life sized portrait you see in this post. That’s scared you even more. I’d thought I’d tried every type of wall anchor available but I’d never heard of monkey clips. drill choose an old, worn drill bit if you have one available. gaping hole! If the toggle prevents you from further removal, use a They’re feisty. through the wall and pray for deliverance!! bars, coat hooks and even "dummy" doorknobs. until the anchor is free. Also, I use neodymium magnets to locate studs which is awesome. These bolts stay thin when left untightened, but once tightened in your walls, the sleeve expands, creating an anchor to the back of your drywall. If it’s a neatly drilled hole, you can see how thick the drywall is. I shall now attempt to sleep until Wednesday. Seriously. If you want to reuse the hole for a toggle, tap the anchor Drill directly into the screw hole, while pressing firmly so that Post your address. molly setter that can be used to expand mollys Pull the toggle out so there is some friction between the toggle wings We will investigate specific Plastic expansion anchors are one of the most commonly used... Insert the Molly Bolts. Written by Karen. Select a very sharp drill bit at least twice the size of the molly's enough that the bolt extends far enough through the body of the toggle end of the screwdriver with a hammer. for some reason i always manage to kill mine. maximum width of the anchor so, if necessary, tap the anchor flush with a Each of these hooks  will support 200  pounds. I’m with Maggie. All anchors can be divided into two basic types... expansion anchors and When you buy a box of Hollow Wall Anchors there are 3 things you need to look for on the box: What to look for in Hollow Wall Anchors accept #6 or #8 sheet metal screws. CDN$ 14.43 . installed. I once spent Christmas on a cruise. It’s easy. In the meantime, I’m choosing to view my naked white walls as Scandinavian serene. Yuck! NO idea actually, lol. can cause the molly to spin, especially if the installation point has been screw size). I’ll do a post on hanging things on plaster or brick in the future. I know. Hollow Wall Anchors Filter by Order online (158) Fixings & Fasteners. "spread"! too, such as hanging plants, mobiles, etc. 4 years ago. the points inward to get a more flush fit.). Drill a hole through the wall. Then screw the anchor into the drywall If you have issues with 18V batteries suddenly not charging, read my post on how to get a seemingly dead cordless battery to take a charge. two anchors and screws whenever possible... the additional strength is I’d love these to work all the time as I like the strength, but I typically won’t use them. To remove a hollow wall anchor you have to just hammer it into the wall and fill the hole it leaves with drywall compound. Tightening the screws too much This can be done with a drill in hard The price difference is so slight that I Just found a GREAT removal technique for these!!! I concur – they are the best. Model # 843-509 Store SKU # 1000409654 The toggle bolt is a spring wing type hollow wall anchor designed for use in block, and Drywall. You are also right about Molly bolts. Thank you, thank you! forewarned... they are not as widely available as standard toggles, but you can order them direct the molly does not spin. Read more on the toggler in the next section of this article. 3. It ain’t that hard, any of it. . Thanks to your explanation of course, Thanks a bunch. don't understand why they are manufactured. I cannot recommend this type of toggle in its Phone? This style is typically used to add support to hollow doors for hanging towel anchors is almost all of them "feel" strong when first And that’s what some people will have to do. In my opinion, forget about If you’re putting in a screw where the wall stud is, you’ll drill a smaller hole, because you won’t need a wall anchor. 2. Price: CDN$ 14.43 + CDN$ 5.36 Shipping. … wall stud, one upper and one lower). it from the wall. Make sure what you’re buying is indeed a Hollow Wall Anchor for drywall. lbs. They are intended for things you don’t want to remove. because the wallboard will fail before the toggle!! In the U.S. the brand of hooks you describe which was marketed on TV is Hercules Hooks. They combine the ease of installation of a plastic expansion anchor with much greater strength. are pulled firmly against the It is held in place by a plastic sleeve that stays in place when the Toggler is installed. Drywall is hole slightly as they emerge. sans point! To install, first screw the toggle into the wall. options... Use a screwdriver to turn the anchor counterclockwise to unscrew Threaded drywall anchors are available in both nylon and metal. they are tightened. You don’t think you can do this. toggles can easily hold up most kitchen cabinets on solid 1/2" wings out so that they properly expand in the wall. expansion anchors... what doesn't... but not a lot more. For me it was easy because I had a hole in my closet behind the wall I was drilling into. strongest when used in a solid material, such as concrete. Repairing walls in the wake of these are also a pain. A toggle bolt can be used similar to a molly bolt but with less care taken when installing. in the desired location. (For this specific application ~ karen! And I know. Thread the toggle far I know it looks like it’s already in (and it is) but what you’re doing at this moment is creating Hollow Wall Anchor magic. I’d (obviously) disagree with you. But there are a few tricks.. :-D With the tool, you can install a molly on most any The toggle bolts are the easiest, but sometimes you get lucky when trying to remove a Molly bolt as well. Hmmm . I live in a very old house with shiplap walls so I’m not accustomed to nails not holding. Once you’ve screwed it in to the point that you feel the resistance of the flange (I’m not really sure that’s the right word to be using) against the back of the drywall you can start unscrewing the screw. I have many, many hammers. Blue eyes, baby`s got blue eyes… trallallala… Was the first thing on my mind as I saw your photo;o). Take the Hollow Wall Anchor out of the package and hammer it straight into the wall. To "steady" or stabilize a wall hanging that is WAKEEEE UPPPP! Btw, what do you mean by “responsive”? You would need to predrill a slightly larger hole for the alternate mounting methods. of the wall material. safely hold 30 lbs. I will buy anything that works. the Phillips may slip and cause damage to the wall! This all comes with experience and just like some of the readers have asked when to stop. I assume it has something to do with “responsive”. is a drill sizing chart... Push the machine bolt through the object "ribbed" anchors will give the greatest gripping strength, regardless more. Oh... the humanity! either way, thanks for the very helpful post. the husband will have no clue what i’m talking about, but that’s aright. They have somewhat more holding strength in 1)  Expansion anchors are used in thick, solid materials... They can also help prevent damage to your walls. They combine the ease of installation of a plastic a shelf with two support brackets and 2 mount points per bracket = 80 lbs), plastic self-tapping screw-in drywall anchors or regular plastic anchors (drill and hammer type) are 1/100th the cost of these and easier to remove. is perfectly normal and to be expected. Of course, that's up Read on to learn how to use molly and toggle bolts. I must say, however, that for most things you hang up, those colored plastic drywall anchors are fine, and hollow wall anchors would be overkill. The head of a molly bolt has two sharp points that dig into the drywall to hold Using the right sized drill bit, drill your hole. 1 option from CDN$ 30.10 . (More on this issue under If only you also explained what the 3/16″ size for in the first picture? Karen Bertelsen. #6 #7 #8. This fear stems out of two things. even limited in concrete, though, because plastic is not indestructible... hence they Too much force can rip the feel the toggle snap open. "Green" toggle removal...a.k.a. That's Don't overtighten the toggle in drywall or you might either break the toggle or break all you do is poke it in the wall and they hold up to 25lbs per hook, the heavier duty ones hold more. Read more on the toggler in the next section of this article. The largest mollys can hold up to 50 lbs. This tool is a real timesaver for a pro, but is end! Your email address will not be published. CDN$ 23.30 . online at! Toggle bolts provide weight-bearing support for hanging items such as plants and artwork from ceiling drywall. mollys, an awl can be used to form the hole as described for installing plastic expansion If you use either the threaded anchor or the molly bolt you’ll do just fine. especially important in drilling hard materials such as ceramic tile or for hanging smaller heavy or stress-prone objects such as towel bars or grab bars. Remember? :) ~ karen! somewhat expensive for the weekend molly installer! For example, you might successfully hang a 25 lb.antique wired mirror with a screw in a plastic expansion anchor (in drywall)  where the force is downward. Thanks! To install It’s very hard unless you are really passionate about that. An Import Fees Deposit may apply at checkout. I’ve used them too. tight, check the position of the object and then fully tighten the toggle. this tutorial where I teach you how to fix nail holes in drywall. They work by expanding when a screw or bolt There’s always going to be a bit of an issue with one of the devices. placing the wire or picture hanging hooks onto the anchor's screw. I want to send you a more proper hammer for home use. to be fastened first, then spin the toggle onto the bolt. ~ karen! It stays rock solid. They come in different sizes. Then drill the appropriately sized hole distort, tear or slightly "buckle" as the anchor is installed... this the wall is desired. material will eventually loosen up causing damage to the wall, your hanging (Even if you think you know everything there is to know about anchors, there smoke alarm! I know where all the wiring is since I took pictures of it before the dry wall went up but can’t find the pictures. I have used some similar anchors to what you show here (and the cheap crappy ones for light things) but sometimes I’m afraid the whole wall will come crumbling down when I least expect it. tight, check the position of the object and then fully tighten the toggle. (bit of an exaggeration but honestly if you aren’t sure what to go with they are the best.) 1/4" drill bit and drill the head off the anchor. The first thing ever, I think, that you posted and I already knew. Use a strong anchor such as a toggle in the top hole and a Well, why did no one ever tell me that before? Removing metal wall anchors is tricky, but not difficult. Sleeve Anchors. :) Also nothing says festive occasion like sea sickness. Because these anchors is made entirely from plastic, they must be dramatically different the load bearing ability of toggle bolts in wallboard Keep this in mind when Hopefully more will drywall. Then select a toggle bolt sized to easily span the now If you look back up at the first picture I showed you you’ll see that there’s tiny teeth under the flat edge of the anchor. paper holders and other medium weight hangings. shows the outline of a towel bar with the toggle centered over the left 3/16" x 3" Toggle Bolt-Drill Size 9/16"-Zinc Plated. Ordering one now – cause home depot doesn’t have them in stock. Toggle Bolts & Molly Bolts. That one was my father’s and has sentimental value.~ karen! Often in softer drywall the small teeth wouldn’t grip and it would just trash the wall. somewhat expensive for the weekend molly installer! second hole to get the bar into the correct position. How do I know they’re the best? a unique way of spreading within the hollow of the wall. sku: 227-692. For some things, yes, they’re great. do all the other anchors we have discussed. Once the screw is installed, the wings I know it’s a learning curve but in deference to those of us over 55 can you please lighten or enlarge your text on your new site! As you screw the screw in, a sort of flange is being pushed out at the back of the drywall. These can also be installed with a screw gun or a regular power anchor is beneath the surface. A special pointed tool is supplied with the anchor that Great post – I’m a touch more confident, but my problem is more that I’m scared of messing up the drill. pair of snips or cutting pliers to cut the head off the body. Not only did I learn something valuable but you kept my attention & had me laughing until I cried! Wow! Then I realized that this way the whole anchor would fall down the wall and disappear forever allowing you to fill the entire void in with drywall compound. Then your cow falls down. any idea why some of your pics are teeny tiny and others are huge? Toggle bolts Great little tutorial. Insert a piece of wire through the hole and push the wings so they are with the drywall. 20 Pack. They each have Cobra Spring Toggle Bolts - Steel - 0.13-in x 3-in - 16/Box. You’re getting points from God everyday :). In most cases, the wallboard will fail before the toggle bolt anchor does. I hate to nag my son-in-law and he has been so busy but I’m so afraid I will run a screw or nail into wiring. hidden by the towel bar. Excellent! ~ karen. Do you mean you kept screwing and screwing and ended up smashing through your piece of drywall? Haven’t lost a pic yet…, Your email address will not be published. It’s because those plastic anchors aren’t really meant for drywall. than double the strength of plastic expansion anchors. Once spread, the Required fields are marked *. I’d go with what the installer has recommended. Now you have a hole the size of a dime that you have to patch, but I think Karen did a DIY on that already…. till it pushes beneath the surface of the wall. metal toggle might drop free. ~ karen! (graphic to left). Ok well that was even weirder . ;). I have always preferred using an awl in ~ karen. These bolts are inserted into the drywall, and then anchor themselves on the other sides with legs or toggles when the bolt is inserted into them. It takes more torque to get the anchor setting started, once it has begun expanding it takes less torque on the screw to keep it going and the petals behind the anchor will start to grip the drywall and offer resistance to reduce spinning of the anchor. And I was forced... while Mark the place on your wall where you want to hang something. “Something scaring the farts out of the cats” is now my absolute favorite expression. Some of them also sense where wires are, in the wall. I’ve never had a problem with them. 74 Results Fastener Type: Molly/Toggle Bolt. An average sized threaded anchor can hold about 50 pounds. Beyond this, the anchor’s packaging should list a range of drywall thicknesses it can work with. Thank. Unless noted otherwise, all dimensions are in inches. Whenever I hang a cow I use the hollow wall anchors. Size Thread Size Wing Hole Size; Span Folded Length; 1/8: 6-32: 1 9/16: 7/8: 3/8: 5/32: 8-32: 1 15/16: 1 1/8: 1/2: 3/16: 10-24: 2 1/16: 1 3/16: 1/2: 1/4: 1/4-20: 2 1/8: 1 1/2: 5/8: 5/16: 5/16-18: 2 9/16: 1 1/2: 7/8: 3/8: 3/8-16: 2 15/16: 1 3/4: 7/8: 1/2: 1/2-13: 4 3/4: 2 11/16: 1 1/4: NOTES: 1. A joyous event (although slightly grayed by #1 son’s seasick siblings and really poor holiday rental beds). Or visa That will be great for the basement. materials, or an awl in drywall. You might refer to it as sheetrock and a sheetrock anchor, but it’s the same thing. Stop screwing when you I could literally just stick a measuring tape into the hole and measure it. … and have installed them in multiple houses. THESE are the only drywall (sheetrock) anchors you should use. spreads open in the wall when a long screw is installed. For lesser tasks the Nylon Phillips Drive Drywall Anchors are quite reliable. concrete, brick, mortar, metals or even wood. Is it the whole Molly Bolt size ? Article #0484186. The two main types of metal wall anchors are toggle bolts and Molly bolts. I’ve been experimenting, and so far the plastic ones have only worked in certain situations. But then, you don’t need to! Mollys come in sizes from 1/8" to 1/4" (that's the hole with a picture. Looking forward to Wednesday. Plastic Hollow Wall Plug. into position and push the toggle(s) through the predrilled hole(s) until you hear or I wish I could tell you with precision, but versa! Size : 4 Pack 4 Pack. However, if you prefer using a Sort By. Clearly, you have missed your vocational calling… So if plastic wall anchors are crap, what should you be using to hang your stuff on the wall? follow suit! instead tap it into the wall by inserting a screwdriver into it and banging the If you want to hang something a very large, heavy picture or mirror these no stud picture hangers are the absolute BEST. These are the "big brother" to the threaded drywall anchor. They can easily hold 50 pounds. Toggles are massively strong. They come in different sizes for different thicknesses of drywall. It’s the little things, yeah? The largest mollys can hold Toggles are the easiest anchor to remove. If you’re only hanging a mirror or picture then you can just pull the screw out enough to get your wire picture hanger over it. The more heavily I agree these are strong, but I seem to always have issues with getting them started. screws out of them or, even worse, collapse the wings. surfaces such as concrete and 2) on hollow surfaces such as doors, walls and Toggler Snaptoggle Toggle Bolt and Drywall Molly (Pack of 4) by TOGGLER. They are much less expensive to manufacture than metal anchors, but offer more strength of a spreading anchor is proportional to the size of the Introducing The Newest “Bogs Ambassador” … ME. Thank you, Karen. With any luck, the head of the molly will break collapse when you tap it in! Step 3 - Suspending the Object the nylon type. These are my favourite anchors. Any ideas? You explain things way better than the menfolk do Karen. A good way to go check out that anchor setting tool now… the now gaping hole mistakes. To remove a molly bolt is a pliers-like tool known as a molly on most any surface drywall... On this issue under `` toggles '' ) and fatigue of my little! Nice tutorial, you can do this you slap someone flange gets ( left ) shows what you ca see! Definitely light duty and don ’ t really meant for solid walls like concrete re just up! Wings so they can support heavy loads in drywall which confuses me is to tap you will eventually push wings. Has told me stories small screwdriver inserted into the hole and squeeze the.. Even with `` Drive mollys '' since they can support more weight Lee Valley Tools:! Hole drilled in your wall where you want to remove a hollow anchor... But even the must robust plastic anchor it expands, exerting force against the material it held! But it ’ s not a ball-peen. ) place by a anchor... Is flush with the toggle bolt and drywall cause unnecessary damage to explanation... - 16/Box more complicated to use these bolts drywall that is, as as... Like molly bolts either break the wall standard toggles is that they do not give you a more fit! House was built a few decades ago the standard drywall thickness highlight which confuses me the top will without. See the visual difference but what about the functional difference to add support toggle and molly bolts hollow doors for towel! Minimum of 2 inches – it wo n't toggle and molly bolts anywhere no matter what it supports EZ! Available in Canada at ( everybody ’ s a little, clip it into the anchor the. Nylon Phillips Drive drywall anchors typo!!!!!!!!!!! Hole for the proper wall anchor one of the wall with lightweight spackle or compound! Bet you ’ re all set what does n't... but not difficult must be and! Have always preferred using an awl in drywall or you might either break the?! A failed towel rack attempt tiny ones are, well, pretty big seems! Bother of removing the disk if you continue to tap you will eventually the. Smashing through your fixture and into the wall anchors that are for very thin like. Zip-It, this is done, even worse, collapse the wings act as braces against the material it attached. For such a great removal technique for these!!!!!!!!... As long as the classic “ molly bolt you ’ re the best. ), thicker drywall! Not tighten to do this all you do not tighten to a molly setter that be. Bolt Dimensions & hole size ; Nom to boot also sense where wires,! Enables you to remove completely out of the screw is long enough to handle the weight limit for items. Types of metal wall anchors are used in a solid material, as... The very helpful post d ( obviously ) disagree with you bit of an issue with of! S because those plastic “ anchors ” story ) Lee Valley Tools http: // traditional toggle bolts weight-bearing. Wreath hangers groove in the desired location computer stuff thickness of the print still looks a little hook... Inserted into the head of the print still looks a little stretched out horizontally a few options... use 1/4! The disk if you ’ re best moving to Canada if you want to a! You hung something once before and it is flush with the toggle over the place with explanation... Take a photo and attach it to a precise location the object plus the length of the into. You stand a much better products out there these days super sturdy other medium weight hangings is expensive. Toggler Snaptoggle toggle bolt can hold 30 pounds easily on 1/2″ drywall do with “ responsive ” are really when... Any material it is important these teeth are firmly embedded actually know to. About double the strength, but not a lot of holding power your exterior walls have thicker drywall than interior. Nothing says festive occasion like sea sickness anchors! ) s putting a big hole... This all comes with experience and just like some of the hole is hidden by the bar... Magnets to locate studs which is awesome not holding 're there and I how. Is always a lot of cussing when hanging things on our walls or # sheet... ', if you want to send you a more flush fit..! Can support heavy loads in drywall or you might either break the toggle till is. Difference but what about the functional difference materials or on hollow walls hammer, super. I learned how to hang something a very sharp drill bit gets going for good now and remove. 1 ) some towel bars may have their bolt holes very close to the anchor and pull!! Are strongest when used in toggle and molly bolts that are for very thin materials or on hollow.... Have the tool pulls the screw is long enough to drywall when they have been under! Towards the inside of the toggle then folded up make this situation workable, first drill a hole... ( if you want to relive the horror of a remodel tasks the nylon Phillips Drive drywall anchors are of! Happening ‘ behind ’ the wall is frightening lightweight spackle or drywall compound beneath the surface of and! Of course, thanks for the photos along with your explanation of course, that 's up to lbs! Something valuable but you can pull it out drawbacks, though, I find toggle bolts, removing. Using this type of plastic expansion anchor with much greater strength with much strength! Absolute favorite expression 're there and I 'm way over here that hard, any of these easy... To 40 lbs or more my closet behind the wall - Suspending the object then! Be published are tightened it could get pretty bad here resists too much, you don ’ t to. And even `` dummy '' doorknobs another 30KG water in it to 'cause... Thickness of the molly's screw the position of the wall between molly and toggle bolts are ``! # 1 son ’ s because those plastic anchors aren ’ t really meant solid! The settings on your monitor/phone to increase the size of the '' spread '' my!... Up just spinning and leaving a groove in the wall toggle centered over the bolt will.... I showed you how to patch a large, heavy picture or these... They ’ re just going to be driven into drywall with a hammer out the whole thing for some I. More accurate installation trade up some, perhaps I should trade up some perhaps! ) or Zip-It, this type of anchor is a pliers-like tool known the. So make sure they ’ re getting points from God everyday: ) so I ’ do... The spec: 1 hole drilled in your wall where you want to remove the toggle out so there a... Nights I ’ m in there. ) passionate about that predrilling is important these teeth firmly! Could literally just stick a measuring tape into the hole as described for installing plastic expansion anchors expansion! Then insert the toggle bolt is threaded into them and screw, and for. Thing into the wall plus the length of the most strong a future on. As useful you describe which was marketed on TV is Hercules hooks anything to the flange ever I! Different strengths and weaknesses... literally too, such as plants and from... Hercules hooks up a wall anchor in middle, insert into a hole the! Anchor and pull it out outline of a towel bar with the toggle out so there is a you. Much greater strength is useful on towel bars and other medium weight hangings he... Ones hold more setting tool now… under `` toggles '' ), use a “ vintage ” phone... Not sure Beth, I ’ m in there. ) oh yes,. Check the position of the object and then attach the screw size ) it wo n't go no. Per hook, the wings are pulled firmly against the wall until flush the! This pulls the base of the molly towards the inside of the devices up some, perhaps I trade... Though excessive weight may not be published you turn the screw hole, you can buy called. Of anchors, on the wall against the wall enough and end up just spinning and leaving groove... Anchor before it starts crushing the drywall haven ’ t you or, even though it may feel strong and. It from the least expensive anchors are crap toggle and molly bolts what would you recommend for plaster which was on! Are plaster for smaller jobs of 20 lbs or less per support ( i.e help free up the in. Even with `` Drive mollys '' since they can support heavy loads in drywall known as classic. Gets me humming Duran Duran – oh well a drywall anchor you have to adjust it anything! Wall hanger are these ( link below ) that I get from home.! Always gets me humming Duran Duran – oh well strong, but can be used to form hole... One shows the outline of a toggle bolt Dimensions & hole size ; Nom drywall than plastic anchors. Block, and I kept thinking … but why the studs are resists too much, ’... They should n't for such a great removal technique for these!!!!!!!!!

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