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Valentine’s Day, Round 3: Smoked Tangerine Panna Cotta

And finally, we come to this. I was well pleased with myself for figuring this one out, I must say.  When I decided to cook a special Valentine’s Day dinner for my Special Lady, Ruth Bourdain, there was one ingredient I simply had to include: smoked tangerine zest.  (She kinda has a thing for it.) […]

Valentine’s Day, Round 2: Stuffed Braised Veal Heart

You’ll forgive me for not posting this recipe sooner, but I’ve only just recovered from Valentine’s Day.  Ruthie is a heck of a woman, I’ll tell you that much. For anyone who enjoys organ meats, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to serve heart on February 14.  Forget Hallmark, this is the real deal. Though you […]

Valentine’s Day Update!

UPDATE: She said yes! Now, I can die happy.

A Very Ruth Bourdain Valentine’s Day

I have a crush. I have a serious crush on Ruth Bourdain. There, I’ve said it, and I don’t care who knows. And today being Valentine’s Day, I’ve done what any sensible person would do: I’ve prepared a four-course dinner for my Special Lady, complete with drink pairings, and comprised of all her favorite foods. […]

Valentine’s Day For Overachievers

I know it’s come and gone, but I didn’t forget about Valentine’s Day; I just haven’t gotten my thoughts together about this before now.  I hope you will forgive me. Let’s say, for the sake of hypothesis, that you’re a culinary school graduate.  Let’s also say that you have a perfectionist streak about a mile […]